10 Facts About Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi

Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi1. Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi is named The Pearl when translated into English. This unique name was given because the hotel sits on the sea, and is considered a real gem by most of the guests who stay here.

2. Zhemchuzhina Hotel is one of the Black Sea beach resorts which offers a private beach for guests to enjoy. You do not have to worry about crowds, and can relax and enjoy the weather and oceanfront views while bathing.

3. Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi is located very close to the Sochi Botanical Gardens, and the hotel is surrounded by lush parks and a natural beauty that is exquisite.

4. This is one of the Black Sea hotels which overlooks the Black Sea and offers many rooms, and almost every room offers a view of the sea and the mountains. Though on the smaller side, every room is worth a stay here simply for the scenery.

5. The Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi offers many modern amenities, so even Americans will be comfortable and enjoy the stay. Every room has hot running water and a balcony terrace.

6. No Credit card is needed, instead reservation number is given when you book a stay at the hotel. If you are reserving dates for the Sochi 2014 Olympics, make sure that you write down the reservation number you are given, and verify the booking a few days before you will arrive.

7. The Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi is a huge and historic building made almost entirely of concrete. A stay here is a unique and memorable experience for tourists from anywhere in the world.

8. This is one of the most preferred hotels in Sochi, for a number of reasons. The rooms are somewhat small, but the service is excellent and the scenery is well worth a trip to Russia.

9. The Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi was initially built in 1950, but it was remodeled in 2007. The result is a modernized hotel that is welcoming and a pleasant place to stay.

10. A central location means the hotel is close to all the excitement and major attractions. This makes it an excellent place to stay if you visit to see the 2014 Winter Olympic games, because your travel time is minimized.