10 Interesting Facts About Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon South RimThe Arizona Grand Canyon stretches over 227 miles and is home to the Grand Canyon National Park. There are multiple access points on this 227 stretch of the canyon. With a variety of things to do on the Grand Canyon South Rim, visitors should be aware of some interesting facts before their visit.

1. Multiple historical buildings are on the South rim. Visitors can check out the old railway depot, tour cabins, or check out multiple “look out” points. Finding Grand Canyon South Rim lodging around these buildings is a breeze!

2. The El Tovar hotel Grand Canyon is the most comfortable and luxurious hotel on the South Rim. A restaurant is located in this hotel with a great view of the Canyon. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, it is a great place to stop and eat or have a drink after a day visiting the canyon.

3. The Grand Canyon skywalk tour is not located on the South rim but it is close enough for visitors to take a day trip to walk 4,000 feet over the Grand Canyon. Expect breathtaking views of the west part of the Canyon!

4. Check out the arts and crafts of the canyon at Verkamp’s Curios on the Grand Canyon South Rim. It has been transformed into a visitor’s center but you can see the remains of the crafts from 1905.

5. The Grand Canyon South Rim attracts over 5,000 visitors a year. It is the most popular point of the Grand Canyon.

6. Drive around the 26 mile rim of the canyon on the Desert View Drive. This drive makes getting from the south rim to the east rim accessible.

7. Try the Yavapai Point hiking trail. It is not as crowded as some of the other trails along the Grand Canyon South Rim. A free shuttle bus can help make some of the traveling between hiking trails easier.

8. There are three different camping grounds around the South Rim. Remember that you will pay an additional fee plus the park entrance fee to stay at a campsite.

9. Park entrance fees are good for seven days of exploring all of the Grand Canyon South Rim.

10. The Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a great way to experience multiple aspects of the canyon. Check out the different tour companies for the best price and times to fly over the 227 mile canyon.