10 Interesting Facts About Mt. Zion National Park

Mt. Zion National ParkMt. Zion National Park is known for many things, like hiking and rock-climbing, but did you know there are many other things you can discover?

The 10 interesting facts about Mt. Zion National Park are listed here for you to review:

  • Kolob Canyon measures 30,000 acres and is extremely remote. The main peak has a higher elevation than any other location; it is called Horse Ranch Mountain.
  • The Narrows Zion National Park stretches 16 miles and can reach depths of more than 2000 feet. The narrowest part is approximately 20 to 30 feet wide.
  • Zion National Park has had the greatest increase in tourist ranging from 3,692 in 1920 to just over 2.5 million by 1996.
  • Mt. Zion National Park is home to approximately 386 different types of wildlife, including 8 types of fish, 32 amphibians and reptiles, 75 mammals and 271 birds.
  • Although Salt Lake City is in the same state, it actually takes longer to reach your destination than if you lived in Nevada. Las Vegas residents can drive there in less than 3 hours, while Salt Lake City residents must spend an additional 2 hours before they arrive.
  • There are a number of Zion National Park hotels, but only one, Zion Lodge is actually inside of the park. The remaining hotels are all within walking or riding distance.
  • Zion National Park tours can be completed alone or with a professional guide, but all visitors must register before they are allowed to enter the grounds. This is a safety measure in case you get lost.
  • The entire area is 148,733 acres or 232 square miles. Over 100 miles is pure wilderness, including backcountry trails, paved trails and remote terraces and gorges.
  • Zion is home to three ecosystems and has over 900 different species of plant-life. Many are indigenous to the valleys and canyons and can only be seen here.
  • Zion Canyon’s views are best when looking up, from the bottom to the top. This is very different from the Grand Canyon rim, where you look out and down.

And there you have it, the 10 most interesting facts about Mt. Zion National Park. Now you should be ready to go and explore the area with supreme confidence.

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