10 Most Amazing Himeji Castle Facts

Himeji Castle1. Himeji Castle goes by another name as well, and that is White Heron Castle. This nickname was given because the castle has white stone, and perches on the edge of the situated location just like a heron.

2. The building of Himeji Castle started in 1331, but it has been expanded on through the centuries and was not completely finished in the current state until 1609.

3. The most visited castle on Japan tours, and the most visited castle out of the many available in the entire country of Japan, Himeji was the first landmark in the country to be included on the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

4. Using the bullet train, it is possible to use the Japan rail system to reach the castle from the city of Tokyo in just four hours. If you are traveling from Kyoto or Osaka it only takes about an hour to travel to the castle.

5. One of the most amazing facts about Himeji Castle is that the castle has never experienced severe damage, from either natural forces or those of man. Wars, fires, and natural disasters have not affected the castle in anyway, which is highly unusual for a structure of this age.

6. There is a small charge for entrance into the castle, but along with this fee you will get a complete guided tour, which is given in English and touches on all of the fascinating history and architecture. .

7. The most popular time for visitors to Himeji Castle is in the first two or three weeks of April. This is when the cherry blossoms cover the area, and the views of the castle are stunning during this time of year though it does not last long.

8. The Nijo Castle in Kyoto and some other Japanese historical castles are not as old as Himeji, but the buildings are not as perfectly preserved and there has been damage through the years that Himeji has not experienced.

9. There are a number of Himeji hotels for visitors in the area, and the rates for lodging can vary from amazingly low all the way up to top dollar. Visitors on any budget can find a great hotel to stay at.

10. Himeji Castle offers unique defenses that many other Japanese castles do not include. The path maze to the main keep includes many dead ends, to prevent attackers from entering and allowing those inside to defend much more effectively.