10 Most Interesting Machu Picchu Facts

Machu Picchu FactsMachu Picchu facts are all pretty interesting, because this is an area of Peru that has recently become very popular. Of course, there have always been a number of visitors to the area, however, since the dawn of the 21st century, it seems like the tourists have increased exponentially.

Therefore, the 10 most interesting Machu Picchu facts have been revealed for you below:

1. Machu Picchu was discovered by a westerner named Hiram Bingham by accident. Bingham was actually looking for another site, called Vilcabamba and stumbled upon Machu Picchu ruins in the process. To prove his discovery, he absconded with bones, mummies, precious metals and all types of ceramics. In total, there were between 4,000 and 40,000 pieces.

2. Hiking the Inca Trail takes about 3 days and requires a professional guide. According to the government officials, no more than 500 can attempt this trek during a 12-month period. They placed a cap on this trek to ensure the integrity of the original pathways. They believe any more than 500 will cause major erosion and eventual destruction.

3. A travel guides, also called porters, will keep a mirror with them or shiny piece of metal during their tours. This is to prevent any evil spirits from carrying them away. They all believe that they may get whisked way by spirits while they are asleep in their tents.

4. Back in 2009, during one of the Machu Picchu tours, 2 bears were spotted wandering around the ruins. Although the bears that reside in the city can sometimes wander in the area, they never walk in the ruins.

5. One of the rare Machu Picchu facts that few discuss is the Bollywood movie, called Endhiran that was shot at the ruins. During 2009 and released during 2010, this remains the most costly Bollywood movie and since the government of Peru rarely allows filming here, this movie is definitely special.

6. Machu Picchu vacation packages often include trips by boat, sandboarding and lodging with the locals on Lake Titicaca. So, in addition to a trip to the ruins, you also get a first-hand look at how the residents of the Inca lands live today.

7. Other Machu Picchu facts revolve around the construction of the city; they did not use mortar. These builders were so gifted with stone building that they were able to cut them to size and wedge them together within millimeters. Only air and water escape through the spaces and even something as flat as a credit card will not squeeze through.

8. Machu Picchu is indeed incredible to the naked eye, however, most experts believe that approximately 60% is unseen and lies underground. The construction of the city required massive amounts of stone, which served as the unshakable foundation. This means the crushed rocks and stones that we never see are just as impressive as they serve as their drainage system. This was essential because of the vast amount of rain the ruins receive, and a major reason why they remain today.

9. Most people pay a fee to reach the Machu Picchu ruins, and it’s quite substantial. The fees usually include local transportation, guide fees and entry admission to get to the actual UNESCO Heritage site. All included the fees can easily ring up $1500 – $2500 depending on tour provider.

10. There is very little explanation or information about the area, once you arrive. You can do all the research prior to getting there, but once you step off the bus, do not expect to see signs giving you instruction on points of interest. Ironically, this keeps the tourists from cluttering around one specific area.