15 Best Known London Landmarks To Visit

London LandmarksLondon is a very iconic city with many well known landmarks to visit. Here is a list of the best 15 places to see on your vacation.

  1. Tower Bridge – One of the best known London landmarks and often confused as the London Bridge. The bridge which was completed in 1894 is still fully functioning for pedestrian, vehicle and vessel passage. Learn about Tower Bridge facts at the Exhibition located inside the bridge.
  2. London Eye—the giant Ferris wheel that offers panoramic views of the city of London and located in one of the royal parks, Jubilee Gardens.
  3. Buckingham Palace – Riveting history and has a reputation that speaks for itself. The palace is the most grand in all of London and a standalone symbol of monarchy for the royal family.
  4. Trafalgar Square – Here you’ll find fountains, monuments and statues, including the Admiral Nelson column. This open air pavilion has plenty of sitting areas and is a great place to people watch, read up on London history and Buckingham Palace facts in your spare time.
  5. Tower of London — Home of the precious Crown Jewels and other artifacts of the monarchy. Tours and tickets should be purchased in advance.
  6. Big Ben – Images of this clock tower are seen worldwide and are synonymous with New Year’s Eve celebrations in London.
  7. British Museum — Establishing in 1753, this museum has one of the greatest and most comprehensive collections cover human culture. It boasts over 8 million pieces in its inventory of artwork.
  8. House of Parliament — This is also known as the Westminster Palace. It is where the House of Lords and House of Commons convene to make decisions about the governmental issues for London. The Palace was rebuilt after the initial one was damaged in a fire in 1834.
  9. Westminster Abbey – Historically iconic for its relationship with the royal family. This has been the trusted church of coronations and royal weddings since 1066.
  10. Thames River –The longest river in England and flows for 215 miles. Famed for its river cruises makes it one of the most popular London landmarks and attractions.
  11. Kensington Palace – A memorial for Princess Diana, who was killed in Paris in 1997.
  12. St. Paul Cathedral – Most notable for its architecture and is situated on the highest point in London. It was founded in AD 604.
  13. Harrods – The luxury department store that sells designer clothing and only the best products of London. Shopping here will be an expensive pleasure.
  14. Shakespeare Globe Theater – Known best as one of the London landmarks for Shakespearean live theater shows that offer an affect of traveling back in time to the days when he actually wrote and performed the plays.
  15. Hyde Park — A great spot for picnics and is a cool place for other things to do in London like family fun or an intimate date strolling slowly around the walking paths.

This is a full list of London landmarks available for your London vacation. Some will only need to be seen for a short time to mark off your bucket list, while others will need to be experienced with more depth.