15 Places To Visit In Japan – Tips From Locals!

Places To Visit In JapanThe 15 places to visit in Japan are a perfect blend of different interests. You can remain in the capital city of Tokyo and be completely satisfied with the attractions and local culture. Or, travel outside of the city to explore elsewhere.

If you happen to speak with a local about places to visit in Japan, they will more than likely mention the 15 attractions listed below:

1. Tokyo Disneyland – Spend time enjoying attractions made famous by Walt Disney.

2. Himeji Castle – The most unique and spectacular castle in Japan.

3. Lantern Festival – This event is fun for the entire family. It features music, arts and crafts, traditional Japanese dance and more.

4. Snow Festival – One of the largest winter attractions in Japan. Hundreds of sculptures formed from ice and statues carved out of snow.

5. Tokyo Tower – Opened in 1958, this is the most famous structure in Tokyo; filmed in thousands of movies and television shows. The observation deck is peaceful and relaxing and overlooks the Tokyo Bay.

6. Fuji-Q Highland – An incredibly fun and exciting amusement park that comes complete with daily free passes.

7. Mount Fuji – Climbing Mount Fuji also tops the list of places to visit in Japan, all of the natives recommend this attraction because it is not only a historical landmark, but it also allows you to take in the wonderful views and natural beauty of the countryside.

8. Kinkakuji – The Golden Temple – Japans most exquisite temple that actually houses old relics from the Buddha himself.

9. Aquarium Kaiyukan – This aquarium is on of the biggest in the entire world with a capacity of more than 11,000 tons of water to house millions of underwater species.

10. Tennoji Zoo – This zoo is reputed to be the home of the famed Tasmanian devil and is located in Tennoji Park.

11. Mino Waterfall Osaka – At over 33 meters high and five meters wide, this natural waterfall has over 980 different plant species and well over 3000 insects.

12. National Bunraku Theatre – Traditional Japanese dance from the Edo Period, like kabuki can be seen daily during the months of January and April; the summer months, June, July and August are also included.

13. Nipponbashi Den Den Town – A sight to behold is Den Den Town where electronics rule. One of Japans top electronic cities sells all types of products.

14. Tako Tako King – Reputed to be one of Osaka, Japan’s top iconic places to eat, drink and be merry, which makes this restaurant one of many Osaka attractions.

15. Cui-daore – Ranked one of the top 10 best restaurants in Osaka, Japan,

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This list of the best places to visit in Japan should help you decide how to spend your time wisely. By having a solid plan and proper expectations, your first trip should be filled with awe and wonder. This country is truly worth it.