15 Things To Do in Istanbul You Should Not Miss!

Things to Do in IstanbulIstanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the 5th largest city in the world. Therefore, finding something to do in this mammoth town isn’t a challenge! Coined at the economic, historical and cultural epicenter of Turkey, finding things to do in Istanbul is a pleasure rather than a challenge.

1. If you need a sightseeing activity for the entire day, try the Topkapi Palace, part of the Ottoman Empire. Located behind the Haghia Sophia, the palace is home to the military empire of the Turks.

2. The Hagia Sophia was first a basilica and a mosque, and now it is a holy museum in Istanbul. The various Hagia Sophia facts can be uncovered while visiting what has been called the epitome of Byzantine architecture.

3. Explore the Dolmabahce Palace and experience true royalty for a day. With a towering throne, marble fixtures and a chandelier, this palace is home to some of the most grandiose architecture in the city.

4. While searching for things to do in Istanbul, wander around without a plan! By just walking around this massive city, you will walk past the Byzantine structures that border the town. The wall stretches over 4 miles.

The Central Palace Hotel, Istanbul5. For an amazing Istanbul accommodation, stay at The Central Palace Hotel Istanbul. The Central Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey. If you are looking for relaxing and fun things to do in Istanbul, you will want to be sure and stay at the Central Palace Hotel. The goal of the Central Palace is to be sure your stay is relaxing with a focus on your well-being. The Central Palace Hotel Istanbul was nominated as one of the “world’s sexiest hotels.” The Central Palace Hotel offers internet access as well as a working desk. Each room is also equipped with a steam bath and a pressurized back massage in the Jacuzzi. All beds are orthopedic, offering the most comfort. Each room or suite is decorated in the Ottoman style with gold ceilings. You will have your choice of a regular room or a suite. If you choose a suite, you will have a functioning kitchen as well as a dining table. The hotel is also has a wellness center which encompasses a Turkish bath, sauna as well as a fitness room.

Ottoman Hotel Imperial6. For other Istanbul, Turkey hotels, try the Ottoman Hotel Imperial. The Ottoman Hotel Imperial is surrounded by many historical and cultural sites in the heart of Sultanahmet. This is a wonderful place to visit if looking for fun things to do in Istanbul. The hotel was originally built as an Ottoman school and hospital. The building was renovated in 2005 as a hotel. Ensuring your stay you will have several choices of suites, all equally beautiful. The Ottoman Hotel Imperial also offers internet services as well as laundry and valet services. You can also enjoy the beautiful garden and terrace as well as restaurants and bars. This would be a great choice to bring the entire family. You can stay in comfort on this elevated property and overlook the beautiful Istanbul landscapes. This hotel can also provide information and transportation to many of the activities in Istanbul.

Enjoyer Cafe7. Enjoy some hookah in Turkey at one of many cafes around the city. The Enjoyer Cafe offers some of the best accommodations for relaxing and trying a tradition of Turkey from the 17th century. After an afternoon of enjoying all the fun things to do in Istanbul, you should take a rest at the Enjoyer Cafe. The cafe is located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. The prices are very reasonable. The waiters are friendly and enjoy chatting and laughing with the customer. The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed. Many of the recipes for dishes served date back to the 17th century. You will especially enjoy the Turkish coffee which is known for its strength as well as its flavor. This is a wonderful place to stop and take a break before enjoying more of what Istanbul has to offer.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul8. Any shopping lover will appreciate bargaining at the Grand Bazaar Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar Istanbul is one of the largest covered markets of the world. It encompasses sixty streets and five thousand shops. Daily there are anywhere from 250,000 to 400,000 visitors. The bazaar has been a trading place since 1461. The bazaar consists of two domed buildings known as bedestens which were constructed in 1455 and 1461. It also houses two mosques, four fountains as well as several restaurants where you can enjoy some authentic Turkish food. While shopping at the bazaar you will find an eclectic arrangement of product. Some of this includes furniture, copperware, prayer beads as well as watches and clocks. This would be a great place to pick up some interesting little gifts and souvenirs from your trip to Turkey. With over 5,000 vendors, this shopping extravaganza is a great way to shop for Turkish treasures.

Galata Mevlevihanesi9. When searching for interesting, fun and educational things to do in Istanbul, you will not want to miss a visit to the Galata Mevlevihanesi. This beautiful piece of architecture now houses the Museum of Divan Literature and a collection of musical instruments. This place has many functions at different times of the year. If you’re lucky, catch a Whirling Dervish. Outlawed in the city, these performances only take place at the Galata Mevlevihanesi a few times a week for tourists. This would be a great event to take the entire family to while on your Turkish vacation. No matter what your plans are, this is something you should not miss.

10. For the Istanbul shore excursions, escape with a tour guide on a water tour of a site of Istanbul. You can design your own tour and explore for half day or a full day of history on the water.

Galata Bridge11. When looking for things to do in Istanbul, you will want to venture across the Galata Bridge. The Galata Bridge is a great way to see the actual link between two sides of Istanbul. The Galata Bridge was a symbolic link between the traditional city of Istanbul proper and the principal religious and secular institutions. Several bridges were built prior to the bridge that is now standing. When you visit the Galata Bridge, you will be able to enjoy the many restaurants, cafes and shops. Most tour groups include the bridge as it’s the passageway to old city of Constantinople. This would be a good chance to be able to see some of the history of Istanbul. The entire family can enjoy a visit to this bridge.

Bosphorus Zoo12. The Bosphorus Zoo is a great place to take the kids on your Istanbul vacation. The Bosphorus Zoo is a good place for the entire family to have fun. The zoo is located in Danca which is about thirty miles from the city center. Among the exotic animals you will find tigers, lions, panther as well as exotic birds. The Bosphorus Zoo is open all year round. The main focus of the zoo is to protect the environment as well as the animals within it. There is also a lovely garden as well as a playground for the kids. This is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon for the whole family.

Dance Akademik, Istanbul13. Learn the Turkish style of dance while on vacation with dance classes at Dance Akademik Istanbul. Instructors teach a variety of classes from ballet to jazz. This could be fun for someone that is either a novice or an advanced dancer. You can learn many of the traditional Turkish dances as well as ballet or jazz. Even if you have never danced before, this could be a fun and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. This is a great way to learn more of the Turkish culture as a lot can be learned through dance.

Pasazade Restaurant Ottoman Cuisine14. After exploring the many things to do in Istanbul, try the Pasazade Restaurant Ottoman Cuisine. Home to the best spices and traditional Turkish cuisine, this restaurant not only offers great food but a helpful, friendly staff. Ottoman cuisine dates back to times when Turkish tribes took the long trek from Asia to Anatolia. They chose products and foods during their trip to incorporate into their meals. This is the concept of the Pasazade Restaurant. They have an extensive menu to choose from. Among these tasty dishes you will find a meze plate, mixed diced salad as well as Sultan Stuffed Chicken. There is much to choose from in which to end your day perfectly.

15. Experience the various nightlife things to do in Istanbul by visiting with the various rooftop bars. Every bar in Istanbul tries to succeed at having the best peak at the skylines – so try them all and decide which one out shines the rest.