15 Things To Do In Paris With Kids

Things To Do In Paris With KidsTraveling with kids to Paris may shock your friends, but Paris has much to offer in kid-friendly fun and activities. Our top 15 list will showcase things to do in Paris with kids along with many popular Paris attractions.

1. Disneyland Paris – If you’re in search of things to do in Paris with kids, on the outskirts of Paris you’ll find the amusement park known to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Similar to the Disney theme parks in the U.S. kids can see Mickey and Minnie Mouse plus all their friends.

2. Eiffel Tower – Even if your kids know very little about Paris, they are sure to recognize this iconic symbol of France.

3. Parc Asterix – The second largest theme park in France. There are attractions, shows, hotels and restaurants all within and around the park. The park features 6 different worlds to entertain guests that include the all new Egypt attraction. The European theme parks all rank high in things to do in Paris with kids.

4. Cirque d’ Hiver – Giggles guaranteed when you add a visit to this family owned circus to your itinerary.

5. Centre Pompidou – Let’s start with the building that looks like it turned inside out. What kid wouldn’t be intrigued? Not to mention a children’s gallery inside the museum and activity center.

6. Cite des Enfants – Hands on and completely interactive exhibits. The Cite des Sciences and de Industrie created this with kids in mind. It’s not just a place of fun, but of learning as well.

7. Parc de la Villette – Situated across from The Cite des Sciences and de Industrie sits the Villette, which is also home of the Cite de la Musique, the IMAX Theater and plays host to several musical concerts and festivals throughout the year.

8. Tuilleries Gardens – Considered by some as one of the nicest parks in Paris and if you’re on a budget and looking for free things to do in Paris—then this is it. Located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, it’s a great place to people watch. Additionally you may find a small carnival with a Ferris wheel setup in the summer months.

9. Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Doree – A favorite among all kids, this tropical aquarium houses more than 5,000 fish and aquatic plant life. Guides are available for scheduled tours or walk thru at your leisure.

10. Gervin Wax Museum – Dating back since 1882, this is the oldest wax museum in France. The museum depicts models from French history, French cinema and some international figures. It has over 450 wax statues housed inside.

11. Seine River Cruise – A boat ride, something that many kids enjoy. The day cruise takes you below street level and shows the city of Paris in a different perspective.

12. Luxemburg Gardens – Perfect for a picnic or stop by the relaxing gardens and sit for a while around the fountains and enjoy the well manicured landscape of the gardens. A great place for a game of hide and go seek.

13. Paris Plage – Picture it, sand hauled in during the summer months and laid along the banks of the Seine River in the city’s effort to create temporary, artificial beaches. The plan worked and hundreds flock to the Parisian “beach” each year.

14. Paris Sewer Tour – For older kids that are in that like to be grossed out stage; this ranks as one of those unusual things to do in Paris, but very interesting. Go underground for a guided tour of what happens to all the Parisian sewage after it’s flushed down the drain.

15. Skating Rink – During winter months, you can find temporary ice skating rinks, so bring your ice skates over to the Charlety Stadium “Snow Park” for a fun day of skating.

Your kids might not find the tours of Versailles as interesting as you, but as you can see from our list there are plenty of other things to do in Paris with kids.