15 Things To Do in Prague – A Must See and Do List!

Things To Do in PraguePrague is a magical city with century’s old architecture, pompous cathedrals and one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. If you are like many tourists who have a week or less to spend in the magnificent capital of Czech Republic, you might be bedazzled by hundreds of things to do in Prague. How should you plan your sightseeing itinerary to see some of the top Prague tourist attractions and not miss any fun things to do?

Like in any European city, admission prices to enter many Museums and Art Galleries are quite expensive. There are many savings options available for you in Prague depending on what you want to see. Prague Pass will cost you 860 CZK (44USD) and provide free or reduced admission prices to various landmarks; you will also gain significant public transportation savings. Prague Card is another wonderful way to save by using coupons and reduced admissions to over 50 top attractions in the city with a price of 790 CZK (40USD).

Below we have carefully selected a list of 15 top things to do in Prague.

1. Charles Bridge – The Charles Bridge was constructed in the 14th century and until WWII had been subject to heavy wheeled traffic. In order to preserve the architecture of its magnificent structures, it’s a pedestrian only walkway creating one of the busiest tourist hot spot in the city. If you are not crazy about the crowds, try coming here after dawn.

2. Prague Castle – The largest and most iconic castles in the world where kings, emperors and presidents had ruled throughout the years. The history of the castle takes its roots back to the 9th century and is currently home to several large museums and art galleries, including National Gallery, Toy Museum and Picture Gallery. The castle has building and structures complete just about in any known architectural style. Because it’s considered one of the busiest Czech attractions, watch out for people trying to sell you tickets for attractions that are otherwise free or souvenirs you don’t need.

3. Prague Old Town – Notable place located on the shores of Vltava River holding so many fantastic things to do in Prague. Old Town Square is where you will find incredible architecture, Tyn and St Nicholas Churches. Positioned on the southern wall of the Old Town Square you can see the iconic Astronomical Clock created around the 14th century by clockmakers named Mikulas of Kadan and Hanus who was believed to have been blinded so he would be unable to replicate such creation anywhere else. In the summer the streets of the Old Town are so crowded you are unlikely to enjoy time spent there, consider coming here in the fall or early winter before the holiday season begins.

4. Vysehrad Castle – Sitting on a hill overlooking the Vltava River is a stately citadel which is believed to be built back in the 10th century. The castle has seen a great deal of reconstructions throughout its lengthy history along with many famous Czech figures who were involved in its rich history. Vysehrad Cemetery holds remains of outstanding Czech historical figures in grand family burial spots. Many headstones are in fact incredible works of art worth seeing for yourself.

5. Wenceslas Square – The main city square located in the New Town section was formerly known as a Horse Market back in the medieval times. Nowadays, the square is bursting at seams with great things to do in Prague. Wenceslas Monument and the Czech National Museum are definitely the highlights of the Square. Czech National Museum holds over 14 million pieces of artwork, rare artifacts, exhibits on ethnography, paleontology, archaeology and architecture. Please be advised that the Museum is currently under renovation, so check their website for estimated opening times or alternative exhibits locations.

6. Mucha Museum – Art Nouveau lovers will take delight in touring this small but extremely busy museum to view the works of famous Alfons Mucha. Artist’s photos of famous people of his time are also quite interesting including Gaugin, Sarah Bernhardt and others.

7. Prague Dancing House – Seeing the Dancing house is definitely among must things to do in Prague. Built in 1996, it defies any norm and standard of architecture as if challenging the neighboring Baroque and Gothic style buildings. A rather controversial architectural creation symbolizes the Czechoslovakia’s transition from communism into modern democracy.

8. Czech National Gallery – Housed in various sites throughout the city, with the largest collection being held in the Veletrzni Palace, the National Gallery has gathered some of the finest examples of local and internationally acclaimed artists like Kupka, Gutfreund, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and many others.

9. Prague Zoo – Even if you have no kids in tow, find time to visit one of the greatest Zoo’s in Europe presenting over 650 species of animals native to various corners of the world. The surrounding landscapes are just as attractive as the animals inhabiting Zoo grounds.

10. Prague Festivals – The city is synonymous with classical music and good food. Come during annual events like Prague Spring Festival, Febio Fest International Film festival and many others.

11. Prague Boat River Cruises – Kick back and relax at the comfort of Prague Boat and indulge in delicious Czech cuisine while you admire the architectural beauty and natural wonders of Prague from the water.

12. BIKO Adventures Prague Bike Tours – Nothing beats zooming from one to the next travel destination by renting a bike. Personalized biking tours are available to suit your needs.

13. Prague on Segway Tour – Put modern technology to work for you and tour busy streets of Prague by means of Segway personal transporter. Pick from several customizable tours to match your travel needs.

14. Explore Czech Cuisine – A visit to the capital of Czech Republic is simply not possible without trying out some incredible foods and drinks. It goes without saying that meats like pork and chicken with potatoes and cream sauces are the staples of local cuisine complemented with delicious fruit knedliki and cakes. Traditional Czech beer is fantastic especially served with pickled ermine cheeses, grilled sausages dipped in spicy mustards.

15. Souvenir Shopping – Before going back home many tourists want to take a piece of Prague along with them. Some of the most popular things to buy are Bohemian crystal, traditional Czech Turnov garnet jewelry pieces and prints of paintings they were able to witness at famous galleries and museums.