15 Things To Do in Seattle Everyone Must Try!

Things To Do In SeattleSeattle, Washington similarly to many other popular travel destinations in the US holds plenty of highly coveted among tourists landmarks that simply must be visited to experience unique vibes of the city. Below we list things to do in Seattle at the most iconic and signature Seattle tourist attractions that provide a perfect blend of sightseeing, entertainment and knowledge about the history of Seattle.

1. Space Needle is the symbol of Seattle that is proudly placed on just about any Seattle postcard, travel guide or itinerary. This spaced themed tower is one of the tallest structures in Seattle that millions of tourists visit annually.

2. Pike Market is one of the busiest and most picturesque farmers markets in Seattle that offers locals and visitors an abundance of fresh produce, meats, specialty goods, hand crafted artisan pieces, jewelry and plenty of things to do in Seattle.

3. Kerry Park is one the places to go to if you only have an evening to spare in Seattle or would like to impress your out of town friends. Kerry Park offers its visitors spectacular downtown views and a quiet escapes from the hustle and bustle of busy Seattle.

4. Experience Music Project is one of the most unique museums you can find in Seattle that is devoted to music industry with a science fiction twist. Here you will find anything from small music related objects, musical instruments to massive sound system rooms. If you are looking for unusual things to do in Seattle with kids, by all means visit this Seattle’s landmark.

5. Microsoft Campus Tour is one of those things to do in Seattle you have to try. Visit the campus of one of the most successful Companies in the world and learn how they operate the business, their latest technological gadgets, game devices and tablets.

6. Boeing Airplane Factory Tour is an amazing family experience that will teach you all the neat facts about the largest airplanes in the world that we have all flown at least one. See Boeings engines, essential parts being assembled right in front of your eyes and catch a glimpse of a brand new Boeing aircraft that is still in the construction stage.

7. Museum of Flight holds over 80 real size airplanes on display, lots of airplane models and other important aviation artifacts and memorabilia that tell great stories of American Air and Space industries. Almost 400,000 visitors come here annually to see its extensive air exhibits and displays.

8. Seattle Art Museum presents one of the most versatile art collections in the US ranging from early Native Indian Art to avant-garde and contemporary artifacts. Suggested admission price makes SAM very affordable for individuals who are not able to pay full admission prices.

9. Underground Seattle tours feature the most fun things to do in Seattle by inviting you to go under the street level in Seattle to discover secret passageways that used to serve its citizens as markets, lodging houses and saloons before the Great Fire in Seattle in 1889.

10. Lake Washington Seattle Dinner Cruise is your chance to wine and dine aboard a beautiful yacht and be treated to a 4-course dinner service and specialty cocktails. Live music accompanies your 2.5 hours of experience that also includes professional sightseeing narration.

11. Seattle Center is the epicenter of activities in Seattle that houses so many incredible landmarks and attractions. Some of the attractions that you can find here are the Space Needle, Center House Theatre, Pacific Science center and a number of museums and exhibits.

12. International District Seattle (Chinatown) welcomes its visitors with an abundance of things to do in Seattle and offers some of the most scrumptious authentic restaurants, markets, jewelry vendors and many more.

13. Ballard Locks is one of the downtown neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington that lets locals and visitors see Seattle’s nautical engineering in the works and how ships and yachts are raised from the water of Puget Sound and transferred to the canals. Additionally, here you can find plenty of things to do in Seattle from bicycling to picnicking and everything in between.

14. Wine Tours are unique ways of exploring the wine making side of the Washington State. By taking one of the various wine tours you can set on wine tasting adventures, visit famous Washington vineyards and try specialty gourmet foods.

15. Seattle Waterfront presents a long stretch of landmarks and attractions for you to explore including its parks, piers, ferry terminals, shopping, dining and cruising. Do not miss Seattle’s Aquarium while you are in the waterfront area.