2014 Winter Olympic Games: Top 10 Reasons To Attend!

2014 Winter Olympic Games1. Winter Olympics Held In a Subtropical Region – The 2014 Winter Olympic games will be held in Sochi, which is in a subtropical climate. This is a first time as far as location is concerned for a Winter Olympics.

2. Visit Olympic Village – Visit the place where the athletes will stay and hang out while in town for the games. This area is a great way to see behind the scenes at the Olympics, and possibly glimpse some of the famous players.

3. The Healing Spa Waters In The Region – The 2014 Winter Olympic games will be held in Sochi, a place known for the natural healing spa waters in the area. Visitors come from around the globe to soak in these waters and receive spa treatments.

4. The Mountain Background – The backdrop for the 2014 Winter Olympic games could not be more breathtaking. The mountain views from Sochi are exquisite.

5. Beautiful Beaches – Beautiful beaches on the Black Sea is another reason why tourists are planning on visiting for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Even in the winter the beaches offer scenic vistas, and the temperature is not as cold as you may expect.

6. Excellent Skiing – In addition to watching the 2014 Winter Olympic games, you can take advantage of the fabulous skiing that the mountains nearby offer. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you will have plenty of skiing trails to enjoy.

7. Numerous Historical Russian Tours – Tours of the surrounding areas and cities can be a great side trip while you are in Russia for the Olympic games. Learn about the fascinating and sometimes volatile history.

8. Sochi Is The Most Popular Vacation Spot of Summer and Winter For Both Russians And Visitors. The 2014 Winter Olympic games are not the only draw that this Russian city has, it is very popular as a vacation spot for Russians and other nationalities.

9. A Climate Which Is Unique – Many hotels in Sochi allow you to experience the unusual and unique climate that this part of Russia offers. The subtropical weather is unusual, and a big attraction for the city.

10. The Black Sea Pearl Hotel – The Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi is one of the top Black Sea hotels to stay at. The name when translated into English is The Black Sea Pearl.