25 New York City Attractions – A Must-See List!

New York City AttractionsNew York’s City or the Big Apple like it’s commonly referred as packs so many fantastic attractions and landmarks for you to explore that it makes our task on finding just 25 things to do really hard. However, we tried our best to focus on some of the best signature New York City attractions that any of us must visit.

1. Statue of Liberty is without a doubt Nation’s best and utmost important landmark sitting proudly atop the Liberty Island. In 2011 The Statue celebrated its 125 anniversary of serving as a symbol of democracy and freedom in America.

2. Ellis Island Immigration Museum located within a short ferry ride away from the Lady Liberty is a great place you must visit. Did you know that Ellis Island was the first America’s Immigration hub that was welcoming America’s newcomers for almost 60 years? Now the Immigration Museum holds a very impressive collection of specimen and memorabilia about the first immigrants to America and the influence they had on early American history.

3. Ground Zero is a quintessential among New York landmarks that serves as a tribute to thousands lives that were lost during one of the worst attacks on America on 9/11. Witness the rebuilding efforts of the Twin Towers and see various memorials commemorated to brave policemen and firemen who saved so many Americans on that fateful day.

4. Central Park is one of the most recognized New York City attractions located in the heart of the bustling downtown Manhattan. A true oasis in the urban concrete desert of Manhattan, it spans across almost 850 acres offering a plethora of things to do and explore. From romantic carriage rides to boat and kayak rentals, to touring Central Park area by bikes or walking, you will not be bored here for a second.

5. Grand Central Terminal is one of the largest and most significant train stations in the country that serves various connections. Its impressive architecture, massive proportions and a plethora of shopping and dining options place it on the top of New York City attractions.

6. Central Park Zoo is listed on countless things to do in New York City with kids guides and is truly a paradise for you to explore. For all those parents wondering where to take kids to burn their energy off, the answer is to see all of the 1,400 species of mammals, birds and marine creatures.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art located at the edge of the Central Park is another among fantastic New York City attractions. Presenting over 2 million artifacts, pieces of art and specimen, you will need a whole day just to walk across all of the exhibits, so plan to come back here again and again granted admission prices are suggestive so you can pay as much as you can afford.

8. Rockefeller Center stretching across almost 19 blocks downtown Manhattan is a vibrant neighborhood of New York offering just about anything for you to do and see. Whether it is dining, shopping or ice-skating, you will find it here and more.

9. Top of the Rock located is one of the tallest buildings in NYC and an observation area that offers fantastic panoramic views of NYC and a plethora of shopping and dining options for NYC visitors.

10. Radio City Music Hall is the home to famous Rockettes dance troupe, an experience that is especially exciting during the winter holidays and is one of the most enticing of all NYC places to be.

11. Empire State Building being the tallest structure in the NYC holds 2 New York City attractions you simply must visit, namely the Observation Deck on the 86th floor and NYC Skyride located on the 2nd floor of the Building. The Observation Deck allows its visitors to see breathtaking views of the NYC, surrounding areas and even spot the Statue of Liberty. The Skyride presents a 30-minute visually simulated rollercoaster adventure that makes you feel like you are flying over New York City.

12. Times Square Theatre District is a famous strip line of famous New York theatres presenting the best award winning Broadway musicals like Billy Elliot, Chicago or Mamma Mia, just to mention a few of them.

13. American Museum of Natural History is one of the most frequented museums in America offering almost 32 million things to see. It’s estimated that the museum can only display less than 10% of its reserve at any one time due to its extensive collection.

14. Brooklyn Bridge Park stretching along New York Harbor is a welcome oasis among the bustling and hustling NYC. Guest and New Yorkers come here to walk and sit along the waterfront, marvel and the NYC skyline and escape the crowds.

15. Battery Park in New York City is one of the oldest parks in the US located on the south tip of the Manhattan Island. Here you can explore multiple historical landmarks like the Castle Clinton, take a bike tour of the Governor’s Island or enjoy a walk along the piers to see NYC skyline.

16. Greenwich Village is one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Manhattan and a place that must be visited by all travelers. Diverse crowds are drawn to this artsy neighborhood where you can run into street performers, starving artists and see some of the most interesting art galleries, museums and exhibits not to mention a wide assortment of unusual eateries.

17. Chrysler Building is now the second tallest building in the city and is one of the most recognized ones. Completed in the Art deco style, its amazing architecture draws crowds of gazers, however there are no obvious attractions in the building, just the lobby and its fine décor elements.

18. Time Warner Center’s two towers are among the most recognized skyscrapers in the NYC skyline. The buildings are home to a gigantic Whole Foods Market, CNN television studios, a plethora of stores and even Jazz at the Lincoln Center Theatre, just to name a few.

19. American Stock Exchange in Manhattan part of NYC is the heart of the financial system of the US and one of the most significant attractions in the city offering tours to the general public.

20. Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) holds one of the most impressive collections of the contemporary art by American artists that include paintings, sculptures, photography and even cinematographic masterpieces of the contemporary masters.

21. Film Forum is one of the few non-profit movie houses that offers a wide selection of restored retro, documentaries and a lot of independent cinematographic works you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the country.

22. Central Synagogue’s impressive architecture and cultural meaning draws crowds of Jewish and non-Jewish visitors. Free tours are offered on the premises.

23. Bergdorf Goodman is one of America’s top luxury department stores that are worth paying a visit to. Being one of symbols of American dream, here you can see one of a kind garments and accessories designed by world’s famous designers. Though the prices here are very steep, some visitors come here just to admire at beautiful goods.

24. Chinatown is one of the favorite New York City attractions among tourists and New York citizens who come here to sample affordable authentic Chinese dishes and to shop in an endless row of shops and stores to delight any shopaholic. February is when Chinatown celebrates Chinese New Year with its brightly colored parades and food feasts that must be experienced once in a lifetime.

25. Little Italy in NYC serves the best and most authentic Italian cuisine dishes. It addition, it also hosts one of the greatest annual Italian festival called San Gennaro. The best way of exploring Little Italy is eating through it or booking one of many walking and food tasting tours.