5 Best Attractions In Thousand Islands NY Region

Thousand Islands NYThe Thousand Islands NY is the name of a group of islands between Canada and Upstate New York. They border the Saint Lawrence River.

The 5 best attractions in Thousand Islands NY are listed below:

1. Boldt Castle – This attraction is only open to the public from May until October. During these months, you can visit this restored castle for tours of the meticulous grounds and explore the history of the area. Many people choose to have their weddings here because of the special beauty it offers. Plus, because it is located on the island, a boat ride is an extra treat.

2. Singer Castle – Located on Dark Island in Thousand Islands NY, this castle is more captivating than most in Europe. This castle is over 100 years old and is the perfect spot for anyone who really wants to experience life at a slower pace. All of the employees, from tour guides to managers dress in the same fashion as they did during the early 20th century.

3. St. Lawrence River Cruises – Cruise along the St. Lawrence River and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The river forms a boarder between Canada and the United States and if you are lucky, you may be able to spend time on both sides.

4. Thousand Island Winery – This winery is award-winning and has tours available for wine tasting. This attraction is open all year long so no matter when you travel, you can expect a wonderful experience.

5. Aqua Zoo – The huge number aquatic life in this aquarium is mind-staggering. There are dozens of different species, including the coral reefs, brought over from Fiji. The Zoo is located near a number of Alexandria Bay hotels so accommodations should be very easy to arrange; even if they are made at the last minute.

Now after reviewing the 5 best attractions in Thousand Islands NY, what are you waiting for? Take the next logical step and book your trip. With so many fascinating sights to see, you will not be disappointed.