5 Best Caracas Venezuela Attractions

Parque del Este, Caracas

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is showing off its dual personality. On one hand this bustling metropolis offers a plethora of cultural activities, lovely attractions, great restaurant and nightlife scene. On the other, overcrowded city is fighting its crime challenges, smoggy high traffic environment and poverty. Do not let these challenges mar your Venezuela travel plans, stick to central areas frequented by police patrols like Parque Centralo, Las Mercedes and Altamira to ensure personal safety.

There are plenty of Caracas Venezuela attractions, so here are the top five for you to explore:

1. Parque del Este – This park is one of the top Caracas Venezuela attractions, and once you arrive you will quickly understand why. This park is the largest one in the city, and has a lot to offer visitors. There is a small zoo, nine lakes to boat on and enjoy, an aviary, and more. You can visit the planetarium, or enjoy the cactus garden. There are many species of flora and fauna to be discovered here as well.

2. Central Park – The Central Park is one of the top Caracas attractions, and this park has much to offer. It is enormous, and instead of natural items like trees and plants it is filled with buildings and activities. You will find restaurants, museums, art galleries, stores, and many other establishments. This park is located close to many hotels in Caracas Venezuela, and can be a great place to visit, explore, and spend the day at.

3. Caracas Cathedral – Constructed for this monument started in the year 1665, and the Caracas Cathedral is one of the top places to see and things to do in Caracas Venezuela. There is a small museum included, and numerous works of art and religious artifacts. One of the biggest reasons that this cathedral is so popular is the decorations and architecture involved. The main altar is gilded with gold leaf, more than three hundred pounds of it, and this is just the start of the elegance and beauty you will find here.

4. La Plaza Bolivar – One of the quintessential Caracas Venezuela attractions showcasing Old World colonial style architecture, magnificent Simon Bolivar statue and wonderful Museo Bolivariano paying a tribute to military glories of Bolivar War, personal objects, important documents and coffins of country’s great heroes. Do not miss paying a visit to the house where Bolivar was born, La Casa Natal de Bolivar where you will see renovated rooms with extensive artwork, furniture and memorabilia.

5. National Art Gallery – One of the top Caracas Venezuela attractions is the Galeria de Arte Nacional which opened its doors in 2009. This museum features one of the best and largest collections of art found anywhere in the country. Caracas is one of the top Venezuela vacation spots, and this museum is a popular choice for visitors to this city. Works of art range from pre-Hispanic period to ultra contemporary Venezuelan artists.

Though Angels Falls, the premiere Venezuela attraction, is not located in Caracas, we cannot help mentioning them since most travelers arrive to Caracas, the starting point of this adventure. It’s not easy to reach Angel Falls, it might take you several plane rides out of Caracas to get the Canaima National Park where the Falls are located followed by boat rides and hiking tours. Angel Falls are much higher than famous Niagara Falls and are one of the best Venezuela attractions for anyone who enjoys natural beauty and unique places. With the availability of cheap flights to Caracas, anyone can enjoy the stunning sight of these falls, which tower more than twenty five hundred feet in the air and are a breathtaking experience.