5 Best Day Trips From Austin

Day Trips From AustinSeveral day trips from Austin will take you to places like San Antonio, Fredericksburg, or other nearby towns and cities where you can gaze at the wonder and spectacle of the beauty of Texas.

If you are staying in Austin, but want a break from the city, no worries, you will have an abundance of trips to choose from. There are of course, many wonderful things to do in Austin, however, it is hard to stay put in just one place when you have the entire state of Texas to discover.

Also, since you can always find cheap flights to Austin, you can also consider day trips in a variety of other places, including Dallas, which takes about 3 hours by car. Houston is also quite a distance at about 2 ½ hours. Either of these locations would be ideal for day trips, but you will definitely want to fly, not drive. It wouldn’t be practical to plan a day trip to Dallas or Houston without flying. You would spend half your time driving there and back.

The 5 best day trips from Austin include:

1. SeaWorld San Antonio has attractions and rides and is perfect for a warm, summer day. Spend a few hours with the dolphins and sea lions then head over to check out the penguins and stingrays. On your way to the rides, don’t forget to sneak a peek at the sharks swimming along the coral reef. Then, it’s off to Journey to Atlantis, Rio Loco, the Great White, Shamu Express or Steel Eel. One of the must see San Antonio attractions for young and adults.

2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio – Planning day trips from Austin to Six Flags is always an adventure in itself. Any child or even adult can appreciate spending a day at this over-the-top amusement park. What’s so great is this park is open all year long, not like other Six Flags locations that have to shut down during winter months. They also pay homage to the winter holidays and provide guests with a tree lighting ceremony, holiday foods to sample and of course, cookie decorating. During the summer months, you can look forward hours of rides and attractions, either in the amusement park itself or at White Water Bay.

3. San Antonio Zoo – Who can resist scheduling day trips from Austin to spend a day at the zoo? This zoo has thousands of animals for you to enjoy and a train ride and butterfly exhibit. Most get a kick out of Lory Landing, though. This is a replica of a rainforest of Australia and is completely interactive. Visitors get to feed the hundreds of lorikeets, native birds of Australia. They house over 53 species. Of course, they also have an enormous reptile and amphibian exhibit as well as a real African safari for you to experience.

4. Natural Bridge Caverns – Here you can discover all kinds of unique wonders, including precious stones and deep, dark crevices. You can repel, mine and hike while exploring all of the surroundings. They offer 7 different tours to keep everyone challenged and never getting bored.

5. Lake Travis – Nearly perfect get away destination located on the western outskirts of Austin. This perfect recreational oasis is a great place to engage in swimming, boating, fishing, diving and simply enjoying the outdoors.