5 Best Day Trips From Berlin Locals Recommend!

Day Trips From BerlinChoosing which day trips from Berlin to explore is as simple as understanding your surroundings and having a good idea of the distance between certain attractions.

Unfortunately, many day trips from Berlin have become tourist traps for the unknown traveler just looking for a little history and perhaps a good beer or two.

When you arrive in Germany and are looking for day trips from Berlin that are less touristy and more laid back, the best thing to do is ask a local. They are always friendly and willing to help you out. They know their country best and have strong feelings about their landmarks and monuments.

Be sure to find out which hotels in Berlin Germany are offering day tours that leave from the hotel lobby. Or, if you are planning on going on a few trips on your own, make sure they can provide you with a map of the city and the outlying area, just to be safe.

The 5 best day trips from Berlin that locals recommend are listed right here:

1. Sanssouci Palace Tour – A four-hour tour of this former city for royalty, located in Potsdam is a great way to start our trip. It’s barely an hour away, but it seems light years once you arrive. The palace was once a refuge for King Frederick II and he lived and provided entertainment for many of the world’s most prestigious men, including Voltaire, the famous French poet. The tour consists of a walk through the plentiful gardens and all around the city. The guide provides wonderful facts about the entire palace area and explains the history of the architecture and culture.

2. Neuhardenberg Castle Tour – No self-respecting local would dare fail to mention the castles in Germany and this one is just 30 kilometers from the heart of Berlin. Your guided tour includes 4 hours of exploring the park grounds that seem to overwhelm the castle, which is grand in stature on its own. There is also a beautiful lake and sections that are as old as the 1600s.

3. Wanditz Village Tour – This is one of the Berlin tourist attractions that most would describe as quaint. It is a tiny town available by train that seems to have failed to move into the future. It will remind you of the early centuries, with churches and woods and lakes and marshes. You will feel the peace and tranquility overwhelm you while you eat and drink with the locals in the village. You don’t need a guide so your trip can last as long as you want.

4. Spreewald Forest Tour – This is one of the day trips from Berlin that is the perfect place to spend time away from the crowds and noise. A day trip here can be done without a guide, you just need directions. It’s about 20 minutes away from Berlin. Pack a lunch and enjoy a day of hot-air balloon rides, canoeing, paddle boats or just a row boat on the calm and lazy river.

5. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour – This 6 hour guided tour provides you with an inside look at the Holocaust, causes, events and completion. The guide is a former member of the British Military with keen insight and first-hand knowledge.