5 Best Day Trips From Hamburg Locals Recommend!

Day Trips From HamburgAsking the advice of a local about day trips from Hamburg is a good idea if you are looking for something special, unique and non-traditional. Suppose you want to do some sightseeing, but you may not necessarily want to spend hours around large groups of people? This is where the recommendations of someone who actually lives there can really come in handy.

Also, when you discuss the types of day trips from Hamburg you might be interested in, be sure to have a certain timeframe in mind. After all, they can vary in length, greatly, from 3 or 4 hours to as many as 12 to 14 hours.

When you decide which day trips from Hamburg are best for you, don’t forget that you need to know the distance between each point, so you can choose the best mode of transportation: rental car, bus or train.

Here are the 5 best day trips from Hamburg that the locals all recommend:

1. Berlin – Day trips from Hamburg to Berlin are always a treat because this is the main hub of the German culture and has so many things to do that you can easily lose yourself. The Pergamon Museum is a great place to explore, especially during the early part of the week when it is almost empty. They also suggest you dine at Mani Restaurant, where you can find the most authentic German cuisine imaginable. If you really want to dive into the history of Germany, head over to the Stasi Museum, where the secret police once called headquarters. Berlin is just a bit over 2 hours away.

2. Schwerin – Home to one of the most beautiful castles in Germany and only 1 hour and 15 minutes outside of Hamburg. It is also a park with classic beauty. Once the home of the Duke and Duchess of Mecklenburg, it is now a panorama of structure, architecture, magnificence and opulence. You can hop a bus or rent a car. There is no need for a guide for this trip.

3. Bremen – This is one of the places to visit in Germany that is still stuck in time. There are a number of landmarks, like Historische Alstadt, the centerpiece, or Marktplatz, where the Roland Statue calls home. This town is just over an hour away and a must for anyone who wants to see the untouched beauty of Germany. There are never many crowds so you can really enjoy the peacefulness while soaking in the local culture and dining on excellent food.

4. Bispingen – At only 45 minutes away from most of the hotels in Hamburg, this is the place to be if you want to ski or snowboard. Just make your way to the Snow Dome. It’s not overcrowded like some of the main ski resorts so you and your family or significant other can really enjoy each other’s company at the here. You will also enjoy the Café Bockelmann or De ole Doens for dinner.

5. Heide Park – Many people still do not realize that of the Hamburg attractions that exist, one is actually a great amusement park. It’s perfect for thrill rides for teens and kiddie rides for the youngsters. It’s just 50 minutes out of town and a great way to spend your day.