5 Best Day Trips From Munich Locals Recommend!

Day Trips From MunichMany of the day trips from Munich can be completed by newcomers without the assistance of a guide or formal tour, but some are not. However, if you are good with reading maps and following subway directions, you should be fine finding your way around the city and the outlying areas when you want to venture on your own.

Most of the locals who recommend day trips from Munich will provide you with helpful tips to prevent you from losing your way, should you get turned around. However, since this part of Germany is not too complex to maneuver, even if you get off target, there will always be a number of landmarks to get you back on track.

The main reason you should enlist the help of the locals when planning your day trips from Munich is because they are very hospitable. They love it when tourists visit and want you to have a great experience while you are in their hometown.

This is a list of the 5 best day trips from Munich locals recommend for visitors to try:

1. Neuschwanstein Castle – Neuschwanstein Castle tours are always recommended because of its sheer beauty. This is a castle that must be seen by everyone who visits, no matter what else is on your agenda. The tours usually include enough time to take lots of pictures and do some exploring. However, you must engage the assistance of a professional tour guide. You shouldn’t have any problems finding hotels in Munich Germany that provide you with a list of tours to this magnificent castle.

2. Linderhof Palace – Another one of the castles in Germany that should be visited and since it’s right near Neuschwanstein, you might be able to find a day trip that includes them both. However, if you really want to explore this breathtaking castle and do it justice, you will book a full day trip between 8 and 10 hours. This will give you plenty of time to wander around the grounds, the lake and tour the inside.

3. Dachau Concentration Camp –This is one of the day trips from Munich that has a more somber note to it, but is still very interesting and worth taking. It is an important part of history that may be too delicate for some to recall, but for those who really want to remember the past, it will be an awesome day. This memorial site has been around since 1933 and pays homage to those who were imprisoned there for years. By 1945, it was liberated by American troops.

4. Nymphenburg Palace – This is the former palace of the Bavarian rulers from the 17th Century. Since then, it has become a major attraction with access to 21 rooms of splendor, as well as the most mesmerizing grounds. The guided tours are only for inside the palace. Once on the grounds, you can explore by yourself.

5. Munich Oktoberfest – This is more like an annual event than a day trip, however, if you are in Munich between late September and early October, this is where you want to be. It lasts 16 days and millions of people attend each year. It will be crowded, but you will never get a chance to sample the best beers in the world. It is better to arrive by using public transportation, like the U-Bahn, Bus, or S-Bahn. Parking is horrific.