5 Best Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Most Eastern Mediterranean cruises include stops at very specific countries. The reason most people choose to vacation in this part of the world is because it is abundant with culture and history.

However, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of what Eastern Mediterranean cruises entail and where the majority of the ports of call are located. It is, after all, a very vast area and some of the countries lie on extremely close boundaries. You may even be able to visit two to three different countries. But, since the climate changes are very different it’s a good idea to pick a time when they are the most stable

The 5 best Eastern Mediterranean cruises are listed below according to the length of your journey and the number of sites or ports of call:

1. 6-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Departs from Venice, Italy and features ports of call including Bari, Piraeus, Greece, Corfu, Greece and Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is a top Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise due to the extended number of sites you can visit in such a short period of time.

2. 7-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Provided by Azamara Club Cruises – This is the perfect choice for Greek Islands cruises because they allow you to see ports of call in Athens, Ephesus, Turkey, Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Chania, Crete and Navpilion.

3. 10-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Provided by Celebrity Cruises – Departs from Civitavecchia in Rome, Italy and includes visits to Messina, Sicily, Piraesus, Greece, Ephesus, Turkey, Rhodes, Greece, Santorini, Greece, Mykonos, Greece and Naples, Italy. One of the best Mediterranean cruises your money can buy – bar none.

4. 11-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Provided by Royal Caribbean, Grandeur of the Seas – Departs from Venice, Italy. Some of the most entertaining cruises from Venice are provided by Royal Caribbean, and this one is no exception. You will visit Kotor, Montenegro, Athens, Greece, Ephesus, Turkey, Bodrum, Turky, Mykonos, Greece, Santorini, Greece and Split, Croatia.

5. 13-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Featured by Royal Caribbean International, Serenade of the Seas – Departing from Barcelona, Spain and travels to Cannes, France, Florence, Italy, Rome, Italy, Athens, Greece, Ephesus, Turkey, Santorini, Greece and Naples. This one of the most spectacular Eastern Mediterranean cruises available.