5 Best Holy Land Tour Packages

Holy Land Tour PackagesJerusalem, Israel is a beautiful country that is rich in history and culture, most of which centers around the birth of Christianity. The best way to enjoy Jerusalem is to plan your own Jerusalem pilgrimage. This will give you a great view of some of what Jesus saw during his time on earth. While planning your trip there are many wonderful Holy Land tour packages that visitors can choose from. Here, we have compiled a list of the five best Holy Land tour packages.

1. In the Footsteps of Christ Tour II – These Holy Land tour packages are hosted by Israel Tourism Consultants and are one of the best Christian Holy Land tours. This package includes a one night stay at the Dead Sea as well as breakfast and dinner daily. You will travel the same journey that Jesus did.

2. Friends of Israel tour – Hosted by Immanuel Tours, guests will visit the port city of Jaffa where they can enjoy the amphitheater, hippodrome as well as the Roman Aqueduct. You will also be able to tour Nazareth which was Jesus’ childhood home.

3. Best of Israel – Given by Pilgrim Tours, this is another of the most interesting Holy Land tour packages. Visitors will walk through Nazareth Village where the guides are dressed in biblical costumes.

4. Jewish Heritage Tour – This tour is hosted by America Israel Travel. Guests will be able to tour such places as Davidson Center, Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem and David’s Tower.

5. Grand Israel Christian Tour – Guests will love these Holy Land tour packages given by Israel Christian Tours. You will tour through such historic places as Jordan, Mt. Nebo, Jericho, the Dead Sea as well as Petra.

Whichever of these wonderful Holy Land tour packages you choose, this is sure to be an enlightening vacation and not one you will soon forget.