5 Best Hotels in Yuma AZ

Hotels in Yuma AZLocating hotels in Yuma, AZ that will fulfill your expectations could take some time to review the pros and cons of what they offer. That’s because Yuma actually has a large number of lodging and accommodation areas, but not all of them will have you wanting to return.

So, first decide what you plan to do when you visit, since there are a lot of things to do in Yuma. Next, consider the attractions and activities with respect to your transportation. Finally, think about what you really want.

There are even quite a few motels in Yuma AZ that might suffice, if you only want basic lodging. They’re great because they are centrally located and close to major highways. However, if you are someone who considers luxury and style to be an important factor, you might just want to go with the top selections.

Here are the 5 best hotels in Yuma AZ:

1. Radisson Hotel Yuma – As expected, this is the best because it is part of an international chain that provides class, style, luxury and top amenities. No matter where you travel, you can trust the Radisson name. This hotel is cleverly designed to reflect the southwest and even the colors of each section, from the restaurant to the lobby all remind you of where you are. The majestic outdoor pool is crystal clear and the rooms or suites are immaculate. The attentive staff is at your beckon call and you want for nothing during your stay.

2. La Fuente Inn and Suites – This is one of the best hotels in Yuma, AZ because it has a central location, is close to many top attractions and has wonderful extras including free breakfast and excellent service. They also provide access to the pool, fitness facilities and a hot tub. With only 96 rooms, you will receive personalized service from the extremely outgoing staff and they also have one of the best Yuma restaurants on site. Of course, free transportation to and from the airport is also included.

3. Yuma Pivot Point – Hilton Garden – Since you will be looking for places to visit in Arizona, staying here means you will already be at one of the main attractions. This hotel is located directly on a landmark. You will virtually wake up each morning to the beautiful views of the Colorado River. There is also a wonderful golf course, tennis court, swimming pool and fitness facility.

4. Homewood Suites – Of all the hotels in Yuma, AZ this one actually has the best value. They provide each guest with suites with a full-size refrigerator and kitchen for extra comfort. It is also a pet-friendly hotel so you can bring your furry friends along. They provide access to an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and a restaurant on the grounds as well.

5. Hampton Inn and Suites – This final entry makes the list of top hotels in Yuma, AZ because of the proximity to a number of outdoor activities, including water skiing, boating, fishing and more. They also give their guests a choice of a traditional full breakfast with eggs, toast, bacon and sausage or a simple muffin and juice.