5 Best Neuschwanstein Castle Tours To Consider!

Neuschwanstein Castle ToursOnce you land in Germany, you are definitely going to want to find one of the Neuschwanstein Castle tours for a firsthand look at a real-live castle. So many people venture to this part of the world, just to gaze their eyes on the majesty and splendor of this castle that has become a major tourist attraction over the past 50 years.

It’s true that Germany is home to many wonderful castles, but the Neuschwanstein Castle tours are far more exciting and sought after. Perhaps it is because of the Disney fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

Hopefully, you will have done a little research on the types of Neuschwanstein Castle tours there are, because just about everyone offers their own version and of course, they all vary differently.

To provide you with a little inside information, the 5 best Neuschwanstein Castle tours are right here:

1. Private Day Tour – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Royal Castles – This is a 9-hour tour, which is much more intimate than the other Neuschwanstein Castle tours, because you and your family and friends receive personalized attention. During your tour you will be led to the two castles by a private car, no sharing of a bus or van. Your driver is also your guide, and you can even customize your itinerary to your personal preferences.

2. Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein with Linderhof Day Tour – This is one of the day trips from Munich that lasts about 10 hours, and is really very fascinating. You actually get to visit two royal castles, both homes of King Ludwig II. Linderhof and Neuschwanstein Castle. They are located in the Bavarian mountains in a very secluded area that is surrounded by astonishing landscapes. You have 4 hours at Neuschwanstein, where you can roam around the grounds and photograph inside the castle. You also have 2 hours to explore the lands of Linderhof and the hunting castle.

3. Small Group Day Tour – Neuschwanstein Castle – This is also a great day tour to learn many interesting Neuschwanstein Castle facts, because you are in a small group and your guide will have the opportunity to share more with you. It lasts 9 hours in total and although you only have access to the one castle, the extra time spent here is priceless. You also get to skip waiting in line and receive automatic entry. You will travel to your destination by train from Munich to Fussen.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle and Fuessen City Day Tour – This 11 ½ hour tour departs from most hotels in Munich Germany and provides you with lunch too. You will see the Neuschwanstein Castle and spend the latter part of the afternoon in the charming town called Fussen.

5. Neuschwanstein/Linderhof with a stopover in Oberammergau – This 10 ½ hour tour allows you to see two castles in Germany, but with a twist. You also have time to visit a quaint town called Oberammergau, where you can meet the locals, shop and take in a bite to eat. Your first part of the tour begins with a stop at Neuschwanstein Castle, a place where fairy tales are born. After a few hours, you stop at the town of Oberammergau and then it’s off to Linderhof. Your transportation vehicle is a large coach.