5 Best New York Broadway Shows To Watch

New York Broadway Shows1. Phantom of the Opera presented by the Majestic Theatre in NYC is all time favorite among New York Broadway shows that you simply must see during your next visit to the Big Apple. Generation by generation of viewers place this on the top of any Broadway musicals list due to its timeless love story appeal with the dark twist. The sultry and suspenseful music, mystical twists in the story line and visual effects create a timeless classic.

2. Chicago is another classic musical presented by the Ambassador Theatre in New York and is one of the most popular New York Broadway shows that appeal to various types of viewers. Love, hatred, suspense, murder, fame and jazz are all intertwined into a starry tapestry of the Chicago musical that has seen multiple international adaptations. If you are looking for fun things to do in New York City, by all means see this New York’s favorite Broadway show that comes recommended by viewers and critics alike.

3. Mamma Mia is one of the most re-visited New York Broadway shows in history. Viewers come back year after year to see this unforgettable tale of love and friendship that celebrates life with dancing and singing to timeless music of ABBA. Very often viewers can’t help it but dance in the aisles making it one of the most anticipated shows in the world.

4. Billy Elliot is one of the most celebrated New York Broadway shows featuring unforgettable music of Elton John. Having received 4 Laurence Oliver’s awards along with several 2009 Tony awards, it’s a must see performance for any NYC visitor. The popular musical narrates a story of a young boy who would rather dance than box but that’s not what boys are expected to long for. Impressive performances even of the youngest cast members draw remarkable critics’ and viewers’ reviews in one of the most recommended Broadway musicals in NYC.

5. The Lion King is one of the most talked about Broadway musical versions of the timeless Disney classic. According to estimates, almost 55 million viewers have seen the majestic performance that stays with you forever. Passionate singing and dancing, unsurpassed costumes and stage props join together for one unforgettable Broadway show that is a must to see for kids or adults.

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