5 Best Papua New Guinea Rainforest Tours

Papua New Guinea Rainforest1. iExplore Papua New Guinea Experience – The iExplore Papua New Guinea Experience is one of the best tours you will find of the area. You will explore many areas of the Papua New Guinea rainforest, and can view or meet tribes that have been in this location for hundreds of years. Learn the culture and traditions of the tribes, and stay at one of the many New Guinea resorts along the way.

2. International Expeditions Papua New Guinea Tour – One of the best tours is the International Expeditions Papua New Guinea rainforest tour. You will get a chance to see South Pacific islands, birds of paradise, and an amazing variety of plant and animal life that will fascinate you. This tour takes more than two weeks to complete, and in 2011 the length is almost three weeks long. You will need to book in advance, because this tour usually fills up very quickly.

3. Reef And Rainforest Papua New Guinea Tours – If you want one of the top Papua New Guinea rainforest tours, Reef and Rainforest can help you get the tour you want. You can choose from planned tours which cover the top attractions and areas in the rainforest, or you can arrange for a customized tour option which will take you everywhere in New Guinea you want to go.

4. Peregrine Adventures Papua New Guinea Rainforest Tour – This tour covers a wide range of terrain in the rainforest. You will walk along the Kokoda Trail, marveling at the astounding scenery and exotic plants and animals. Stop at Menari Village, and meet some of the local tribe members. This tour includes culture and other interesting aspects as well as the physical beauty of New Guinea.

5. Asian Transpacific Journeys – If you want a Papua New Guinea rainforest tour which explores the culture and tribes of the rainforest, as well as all of the exotic birds, unusual animals, and lush tropical flowers. You can visit Lae Papua New Guinea or any other location in this area that you choose with a custom tour, or you can arrange for a group tour that will fit any number of people you require.