5 Best Papua New Guinea Scuba Diving Places

Papua New Guinea Scuba Diving1. Milne Bay – This location for Papua New Guinea scuba diving offers steep depth drops very close to the shore in some places, while offering areas which are sheltered at the same time. This bay offers a wide range of fish and marine life, and the underwater landscape is thrilling to see and explore. Reefs, beds of sea grasses, and and other unusual aspects make this diving spot a great place to see unusual creatures not frequently seen in other areas.

2. Kimbe Bay – Papua New Guinea scuba diving in Kimbe Bay is an excellent choice for any diver. This bay is sheltered from the strong currents, so a dive here is a relaxing and enjoyable experience withreefs and even some shipwrecks to explore. There are a number of Papua New Guinea resorts which offer dive vacations in Kimbe Bay.

3. Rabaul – Rabaul is one of the most popular Papua New Guinea scuba diving destinations for shipwrecks. These wrecks date back to World War II, and many have been transformed into living coral reefs which are exquisite and must be seen to be appreciated. Most of the wrecks are still in excellent shape, and are a fascinating part of history. This location can offer a unique dive vacation that you will remember forever.

4. The Eastern Fields – One of the best Papua New Guinea scuba diving destinations is the Eastern Fields. This is one of the scuba diving locations in New Guinea that is still untouched, and in a completely natural state. The corals, fish, and other amazing life forms that you will see here are astonishing, and there are some species that you may not find anywhere else.

5. Lae Papua New Guinea – Papua New Guinea scuba diving can be done right from the city of Lae, and the waters in the area are teeming with exotic tropic fish and other marine animals, as well as many types of coral and underwater plants. The number of dive schools and locations around the city are numerous, making Lae the perfect place for a diving vacation.