5 Best Resorts in Hyderabad For Family Vacation

Resorts in HyderabadIf you do a little digging, you might be able to find a few resorts in Hyderabad that cater to families, but most you will soon discover have an adult approach to vacation time.

Luckily, there are some that have not forgotten that family time is as equally important and they have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that their resorts in Hyderabad has something to keep everyone entertained and excited.

Here are the 5 best resorts in Hyderabad for family vacation:

1. Dream Valley Resort – This is a water park resort which makes it the perfect place for families. Most Andhra Pradesh Tourism companies can book you and your family with a room in this 2-acre resort that also has miniature golf and the most diverse menu including authentic Indian cuisine, Chinese, Latin American and more. When you want the kinds of resorts in Hyderabad that really take family time seriously, this is going to be your top choice. The kids may not even want to visit any other attractions because of the entertainment right outside their door.

2. Summer Green Resort – You can find great accommodations here as this is one of the best hotels in Hyderabad that is also a remarkable resort with impeccable grounds. And, there are a lot of sights to see. While staying at the resort, your kids will enjoy the special Outdoor Kid Zone, which has everything to keep them occupied. From swimming, roller blades, rope climbing, commando, net climbing, rappelling and more. In total, there are well over 50 different outdoor and indoor activities for families, which is more than enough for all families, regardless of the level of adventure. Even when you are tired of sightseeing, this resort will provide countless hours of entertainment.

3. Pragati Resort – Looking for short weekend getaways from Hyderabad for your family? Look no further than this resort that is in the middle of everything and has 2500 acres to keep everyone busy. They have a swimming pool and all kinds of water games. They also provide golf and cricket. When the weather turns rainy and many of the places to visit in Hyderabad are all closed, they can spend time in the game room playing billiards, ping pong or one of the dozens of arcade games.

4. Songs of Earth Resort – This is one of the resorts in Hyderabad that is for the nature lovers who want to spend time outdoors. They have treasure hunts, swimming, archery, rain dances and a tree house. They have rock climbing, rope courses, Tug of war, Obstacle courses, bridges and more.

5. Taj Krishna Hyderabad Resort – This is a famous resort that brings the family into a dream state from the moment of arrival. The landscape is opening gorgeous vistas. You are literally minutes away from temples, mosques and more. All you need to do is step outside the door and you are within a few minutes of the railway system that will lead you on a fabulous journey. Plus, since kids tend to get bored quickly, you will have lots of scenic views to keep their interests peaked.