5 Best Water Parks in New York

Water Parks in New YorkYes, there are water parks in New York. Although a lot of people may not realize this, New York expands beyond the concrete jungle of Manhattan. In fact, New York State is one of the most travelled tourist spots in the world.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of families spend their vacations at the various water parks in New York and once you experience the fun and excitement, you too will understand why they are so attractive.

What’s so great is because there are indoor water parks in New York as well as outdoor parks. They built both because the northeastern part of the United States has four distinct seasons.

The residents didn’t want to only enjoy the water parks in New York during the spring and summer, so they found a way to keep activities going all year long.

The best 5 water parks in New York are below:

1. Roseland Waterpark – Located in South Bristol, New York, you will find this to be tops in the list of water parks in New York, because it features attractions that aren’t water-based too. Spend time in the wave pool or at the Splash Factory where there are 6 waterslides, 12 water cannons and every minute you are soaked with a tipping bucket filled with gallons of water.

2. Seabreeze Amusement Park – This is also one of the best amusement parks in New York as well as a water park. Located in Rochester, New York, it’s the best of both. The water park has a 260,000 gallon wave pool and the Helix, which sucks you down a completely dark tunnel only to end up dropping into the water waiting below. There are also a number of roller coasters, bumper cars and more.

3. Darien Lake Amusement Park – Excitement begins when you step onto your first ride called the Tornado. This slide starts at 75 feet above while standing on a platform. Before you can figure out what’s going on, your body descends 132 feet into a tunnel going 20 miles per hour. It feels like you are inside the vortex of a tornado, hence the name. Other rides include the Swirl City Slide, the Big Kahuna and more. Cuda Falls is a favorite because there are many slides in one area and they also vary in height, some go up to 100 feet. The 600,000 gallons of water in the wave pool n Crocodile Isle makes sure plenty of folks can enjoy the pool without feeling crowded.

4. Splish Splash Long Island – Set in the resort town of Calverton, New York, you and your family will enjoy slides like the Abyss and Alien Invasion both are tube slides. Or, the body slides like Shotgun Falls and Max Trax, which has a 50 foot drop with 2 different speeds.

5. Enchanted Forest Water Safari – One of the best places to visit in New York State is located right in Old Forge, New York. There are 32 wild water attractions to tame even the most stouthearted, including Curse of the Silverback, a ride that has a drop of 100 feet and the Tidal Wave Pool with waves that reach 4 feet in height.