5 Best Western Mediterranean Cruises

Western Mediterranean CruisesWestern Mediterranean cruises often last anywhere from 7 to more than 20 days and depending on how long you can steal away from your everyday life, you can really see some amazing sights.

Western Mediterranean cruises have a number of departure ports, including Italy, Portugal and Spain so the choices are virtually endless. You simply need to decide what you want to see on your journey and pack your bags.

The 5 best Western Mediterranean cruises are listed below:

1. 10-Night Mediterranean – Western Cruise – Featured by Costa Cruise Lines – Departs from Genoa, Italy and travels to Malaga, Spain, Casablanca, Morocco, Seville, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Valencia, Spain and Barcelona, Spain. Since Costa Cruise Lines have some of the best Mediterranean cruise ships in the direct area, you should have no problems booking your vacation anytime of the year.

2. 10-Night Mediterranean – Western Cruise – Featured by Holland America Line – Departs from Rome, Italy and has ports of call in, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Corfu, Greece, Olympia, Greece, Santorini, Greece, Kusadasi, Turky, Athens, Greece and Naples, Italy. They also have some great Mediterranean cruise deals, especially for larger families.

3. 11-Night Mediterranean – Western Cruise – Hosted by Costa Cruise Lines – Departs from Rome, Italy and includes ports of call including, Savona, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, Casablanca, Morocco, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal and Malaga, Spain. This is one of the more popular Western Mediterranean cruises, because of the many different countries included.

4. 11-Night Mediterranean – Western Cruise – Provided by Norwegian Cruise Line – Departs from Rome, Italy and has stops in Alanya, Turkey, Limassol, Cyprus, Halfa, Israel, Jerusalem, Israel, Cairo, Egypt and Alexandria. Notice the different ports of call? This is why a vacation is on the list of the best Mediterranean cruises.

5. 7-Night Mediterranean – Western Cruise – As a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise, what the package lacks in time, more than makes up in substance. Departs from Rome and has ports of call in Genoa Italy, the Villefranche Sur Mer in France, Barcelona, Spain and the Balearic Islands. The trip ends in Cagillari, Sardinia. Perfect if you can only grab a week away from work. Just remember to bring your camera and take as many photos as you can.