5 Cheapest Playa Del Carmen Small Hotels

Play Del Carmen Small HotelsPlaya Del Carmen offers a wide variety of hotel accommodations that meet every budget need. Without breaking your wallet, guests can enjoy nice accommodations in Playa Del Carmen. Below is a list of the five cheapest Playa Del Carmen small hotels to stay at while visiting the area short or long term:

1. Hostal Secreto – This small hotel is more for the adventurous traveler but will never break your pocketbook. Located just off the beach near town square, this small bed and breakfast hotel offers great resources for scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen. Guests are always welcomed by Senora Laura and her warm Mexican hospitality. Hostal Secreto is an inviting place to stay.

2. Acamaya Reef – This unique hotel offers cabanas and an RV park for the adventurous traveler. Air conditioned cabanas complete with their very own kitchens and private bathrooms provide a cheap way to enjoy Playa Del Carmen without staying at one of Playa Del Carmen’s hostels. Private airport transfers are also available for a small fee.

3. Apartments Eden – Offering 20 one-bedroom apartments this hotel has been completely renovated yet the price has not changed. This is one of the most recommended cheap lodging options when comparing Playa Del Carmen small hotels.

4. Posado Amor – Located in the center of Puerto Morales, no other Playa Del Carmen small hotels can compete. Rustic and unique, this hotel is locally run and owned by the Fernandez family. Bungalow and cabana options are available. An on-site restaurant is available and features fine Mexican food and fresh seafood. Private or communal bathrooms are available.

5. Hotel Inglaterra -This is one of the cheapest Playa Del Carmen small hotels available. It is a small boutique hotel just a few short blocks from the beach and directly situated in town. Mini-suites are available and accommodate up to four people per mini suite.