5 Interesting Facts about Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket

Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket1. Sunset Spa Suite Offers Unparalleled Luxury

The Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket offers 3 levels of lodging, superior, deluxe, and suites. The prices will vary, depending on which level you choose for your stay here. Suites available as Phuket vacation rentals include the regular suite and the Sunset Spa suite, which is the ultimate in luxury and romance. This suite offers a balcony jacuzzi and bath, as well as a massage right in your suite.

2. The Dive Shop Carries Everything Needed For Your Underwater Exploration

Water activities are very popular at the Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket, and you can find scuba diving equipment and supplies at the dive shop right in the hotel. There are also water activities available right in front of the hotel, and you can arrange for tours and other activities through the hotel while on your Phuket holidays.

3. Centrally Located and a Short Walk From Local Attractions

Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket is centrally located, meaning that you will not usually need transportation. Instead you can walk from the resort to the local attractions and sights of interest, and enjoy the exquisite scenery of the island at the same time. A stay at this resort puts you close to the action.

4. Family Friendly Luxury Resort

Many spa resorts are not family friendly, and discourage children. This is not the case with the Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket, which offers facilities for children including a playground and swimming pool for their enjoyment. If you plan on travel to Thailand and will be bringing kids along this is one of the best places for the whole family to stay.

5. The Shopping and Nightlife Nearby Are Incredible

Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket is close to shopping and the nightlife that Phuket offers. There may be cheap Phuket hotels which cost less, but your experience while vacationing will not be the same as a stay at the Patong. Within a few minutes you can be shopping during the day or partying the night away.