5 Interesting Things To Know About Jaffa Gate Jerusalem

Jaffa Gate JerusalemThe Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem is one of 8 gates that make up Jerusalem’s old city walls. The 8 gates include New gate, Damascus gate, Herod’s gate, Lion’s gate, Golden gate, Dung gate, Zion gate, and Jaffa gate. Along with the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the gates are very popular with tourists. Here are 5 interesting things to know about Jaffa Gate Jerusalem.

1. The Jaffa gate is also known David’s gate – The gate is named after the Jerusalem’s most famous king; King David. It is located on the western side of the old city wall. The Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem makes mention of the gates and has many artifacts from Jerusalem’s storied past.

2. The Jaffa gate in Jerusalem is named after Jaffa road – The Jaffa gate serves as an entrance to Jaffa road, which leads to the ancient port of Jaffa. The Tower of David is located adjacent to the Jaffa gate, which dates back to antiquity. The current tower was built during the Ottoman Empire.

3. The Jaffa gate in Jerusalem is the most heavily used – Jaffa gate serves as the western most gate and is the most heavily used by pedestrians. There is a plaza that precedes the gate and has been expanded to include many shops and vendors.

4. The gate has been built and destroyed several times – Over the last 2000 years the gate has been destroyed and resurrected several times. It was destroyed during the Arab conquest of 638 BC and then rebuilt during the Crusades in 1099. It was also destroyed by Al-Mu’azzam the Sultan of Damascus during the fifth crusade of 1219. The walls were rebuilt for the final time by the Turks in the late 1530’s.

5. Jaffa gate is known as David’s gate by locals – The gate is commonly called David’s gate by residents. David reigned in Jerusalem approximately 1000 years before the birth of Christ.