5 Most Interesting Ghana Tourist Attractions

Ghana Tourist AttractionsGhana is continually becoming a more popular tourist destination due in part to the area’s friendly and hospitable people. Hotels in the area are inexpensive and the people are welcoming and warm which makes for inviting travel to Ghana. Below are the 5 most interesting Ghana tourist attractions that should not be missed by any visitor.

1. The ancient city of Begro – One of the most historical Ghana tourist attractions includes a visit to the ancient city of Begro. Excavations from the city revealed that centuries ago the residents lived a civilized life in the area. Artifacts and findings are on display and this is a very interesting place to explore.

2. The Bui National Park – Unlike any of the Nigeria tourist attractions, the Bui National Park is home to the largest hippopotamus population in Ghana if not the world. Guided tours are available throughout the Bui National Park. Visitors can find prime photo opportunities of hippos romping about their natural habitat. This is an attraction that should not be missed.

3. Fishing villages – The fishing villages are one of the most interesting Ghana tourist attractions. These traditional market towns are scattered along the entire coastline of the region and allow visitors to see into the busy lives of traditional fishermen and women.

4. The beaches – Ghana’s beaches are fringed with palm trees and rich in landscape. Some of the most popular beach destinations include Elmina beach which is near the castle and Gomoa Fetteh beach. Both are popular Ghana tourist attractions and frequented by picnickers and tourists alike.

5. Kakum National Park – One of the most popular of the Ghana tourist attractions for African nature lovers include Kakum National Park. The area of natural beauty offers an undisturbed virgin rain forest and plenty of indigenous plant life to see. Walking tours and excursions are available.