5 Most Interesting Nigeria Tourist Attractions

Nigeria Tourist AttractionsNigeria is full of tourist attractions and things to do. Whether you arrive in Nigeria with a plan of action or procrastinate until you get there, Nigeria promises fun and adventure. To make your travel to Nigeria go a little smoother we have compiled a list of the 5 most interesting Nigeria tourist attractions that must be seen. Below is a list of ideas while visiting this unique country.

1. Benin City – Benin City is located in Edo state and approximately five hours from Badagry. The city is famous for its ivory and bronze art work and one of the most highly rated Nigeria tourist attractions. Here you will find the royal palace and Benin moat which is a must see. The area contains a few ruins but it is much different than the Zimbabwe tourist attractions that include the great ruins.

2. Badagry – Located in Lagos state, Badagry should be placed at the top of your list because it is located in the airport’s town. The history of Badagry includes an immense amount of slave trade and is rich in history. Badagry is one of the must see Nigeria tourist attractions for anyone visiting the country.

3. Obudu – Located in Cross River state, Obudu is most known for the Obudu Mountain Resort. Beauty is vast in Obudu and visitors will witness natural wonders and breathless panoramic views.

4. Abuja – Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and one of the top Nigeria tourist attractions. This modern city is full of huge skyscrapers, architecture and the Aso Rock.

5. Arochuku – Rich in history, most tourists who visit Arochuku arrive to see the slave route. A house museum is open to visitors and offers a wide collection of vestiges related to the slave trade. Different from the Ghana tourist attractions, Arochuku provides an insight into the dark world of slavery.