5 Reasons Why Tourists Enjoy Puerto Morelos Diving

Puerto Morelos DivingPuerto Morelos is located approximately 15 minutes south of the primary airport in Cancun. Situated along the beautiful Caribbean, Puerto Morelos is located just meters from the second most expansive reef in the world. The area is protected by a National Park and because of this Puerto Morelos diving is one of the best place in the world to enjoy underwater treasures.

Below is a list of the 5 reasons why tourists enjoy diving in Puerto Morelos:

1. Unspoiled dive sites – Beautiful and thriving sea life can be seen in the reefs in Puerto Morelos. The area is protected by a National Park and provides a clean environment for both divers and the animals. Pristine and uncrowded beaches seem to stretch on forever.

2. Excellent scuba training – Instructors are available throughout the area to provide training and scuba dive tips to the experienced and inexperienced divers. No matter what your level of expertise, training from a certified instructor will only enhance your Puerto Morelos diving adventure.

3. Scuba diving packages – Diving in Puerto Morelos is one of the most popular outdoor activities and because of this many facilities, including hotels, offer great rates and package deals. If traveling with a small or large group be sure to ask for the group rates.

4. Easy gear rental – Renting scuba diving equipment and scuba gear packages can be arranged all along the beaches as well as at any of Puerto Morelos rentals and resorts. Low prices and convenience keep tourists coming back day after day for their Puerto Morelos diving experience.

5. It is simply perfect place to dive – Tourists love Puerto Morelos diving because it is in the middle of an underwater park. The clear and clean water make the area a prime diving location. Small villages and local hotels are beautiful and when combined with the perfect dive, it is a vacation of a lifetime.