7 Bern Switzerland Attractions You Should Not Miss!

Bern Switzerland AttractionsBern, Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for vacationers. There are many Bern, Switzerland attractions that guests should definitely not miss. As with planning any vacation, it is important to be sure to have a plan so that you know what you want to be sure to see during visit. Here, we have the seven Bern, Switzerland Attractions you should not miss.

1. Historical Museum of Bern – Tourists can enjoy exhibitions of the stone-age as well as Celts and romans.

2. Aletsch Glacier – This glacier is located in the high alpine region of Valais and is the longest glacier in Europe, truly not something to be missed.

3. Allegro Grand Casino Kursaal Bern – This is located conveniently close to many Bern hotels as well as home to Hotel Allegro as well as Casino Bern.

4. Zytglogge Clock Tower – This is a magnificent work of art located in the center of Old-Town and is a timeless symbol of Bern.

5. Bear Pits – These are one of the most popular of all of the Switzerland tourist attractions. The bears have been widely associated with the city since the 15th century. This has been the home for many brown bears since 1850.

6. Munster (Cathedral) – This is one of things to do in Bern that cannot be missed. This cathedral has the tallest spire in all of Switzerland. There are many Switzerland tours that will allow visitors to climb up the tower and enjoy the magnificent views of the city.

7. Einstein-Haus – This is known as the House of Einstein. These small three rooms are where Einstein developed his theory of relativity and is one of the best Bern, Switzerland attractions.

While enjoying these Bern, Switzerland attractions, tourists will get a great feel of the history and culture of this beautiful city.