7 Best Comedy Shows In Las Vegas

Comedy Shows in Las VegasIf you have a soft spot for laughs, the Sin City without a doubt features some of the best comedy shows in the country. Ranging from hilarious to absurd and to funny with a naughty twist, all the best stand up comedians and even television stars make their appearance at the comedy shows in Las Vegas. All the freshest and juiciest humor is sure to hit Las Vegas first and make you laugh your socks off.

Browse through our selection of 7 best comedy shows in Las Vegas and prepare to be entertained even by the biggest names in the comedy world like Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and David Spade, just to name a few.

1. Playboy Comedy Club is not only among the best shows in Las Vegas but an over the top adult themed humor venue. The Palms Hotel & Casino hosts one of the best and most popular comedy clubs in Vegas featuring Paul Hughes and Cort McCown that make audience laugh along with Playboy bunnies and Playmates of the month. A few lucky audience members can receive an autograph and a photo opportunity with the Playmate of the month to everyone’s delight.

2. Carrot Top is an unforgettable red-haired comedian that is sure to stir up some laughs with the crowd. Carrot Top is famous not only for his edgy humor appealing to various types of guests but a selection of crazy props and inventions he incorporates in the plot of his performances.

3. Terry Fator is a master puppeteer among his peer comedians and also a multi-talented performer who can sing, impersonate and crack the most brilliant jokes on Las Vegas strip. Terry Fator’s show is one of the best selling shows in Vegas and you will not regret booking one during your next visit to the city.

4. Riviera Comedy Club, having been labeled the number 1 comedy show on multiple occasions, is a center stage for many famous and emerging comedians creating an unmatched humorous experience. You just never know who might be on stage on a given night but one thing you can be sure about that you will not be bored. Humorous takes on headline news and celebrities is Riviera Comedy Club’s specialty.

5. Defending The Caveman is one of the few day time comedy shows in Las Vegas that could be enjoyed as early as 4pm on certain days. The show is all about the battle of the sexes and cracking jokes about the differences of the two sexes to say the least.

6. George Wallace is an adorable veteran comedy entertainer managing to humor the audience without dropping cheesy or dirty lines. Do not be afraid to take your teenage kids to George Wallace’s show because you will not have to be embarrassed, since it’s one of the most family-friendly comedy shows in Las Vegas. A few audience members are surprised to receive gift cards and other prizes that certainly add to the experience.

7. Marriage Can Be Murder is one of few dinner comedy shows that could perhaps be experienced only in Las Vegas. It’s a comedy and a murder mystery at the same time along with hysterically funny audience interaction.

As to other fun things to do in Las Vegas that do not involve trivial gambling, you have a plethora of choices ranging from visiting majestic Bellagio Fountains to seeing a naughty Peep Show Las Vegas and many more.

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