7 Best Fort Myers Attractions To Visit!

Fort Myers AttractionsThe Fort Myers attractions are just as diverse as the population. In fact, as recent as 2010, during the census, it was reported that a little over 62,000 people resided there. This represented an increase of 29% from the numbers reported just 10 years prior, in 2000. There is a reason why so many people have come to this part of Florida.

In fact, tourism is also on the rise and that’s thanks to the many Fort Myers attractions that continue to amaze and entertain folks visiting from other areas. It may be a small city, but it packs a punch and draws crowds each year.

In addition to the attractions, there are also a large number of Fort Myers Beach restaurants that offer succulent menus featuring fresh-caught seafood that you will only find in this part of Florida. Restaurants like Fresh Catch Bistro, for example, which combines exceptional service with some of the tastiest dishes you have ever experienced.

Many people may not consider Fort Myers to be one of the best places to visit in Florida. Most know about Miami, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. But for those who have been and continue to come back, they know this city has something very special.

Here are the top 7 Fort Myers attractions that everyone seems to love to visit:

1. Butterfly Estates – One of the off the beaten track things to do in Fort Myers is to discover the Butterfly Conservatory which holds thousands of butterflies in a 3614 glass dome. It is something that your entire family will enjoy and is just marvelous to behold the various species all living together in perfect harmony.

2. Edison Museum – Fort Myers is home to the Thomas Edison museum which lies on the land he purchased back in the 1800s. He lived there until his death with his friend, Henry Ford living directly next door. After the death of both moguls, their homes became magnets, drawing hundred each year to marvel at the patents Edison held and the Model T Ford, which was a present. You can take a guided tour through the estates of both of these American icons.

3. Fort Myers Princess – This is one of the few Fort Myers cruises that exists today, but is extremely fun. This double-deck boat features a lower deck with complete climate control and the higher deck is fully open.

4. Imaginarium Hands-On Museum – Your kids will love spending time at this museum which has long been named one of the most exciting Fort Myers attractions, because of the 60+ interactive things to do. There are exhibits to partake in and all types of live marine life, like turtles, sharks and fish. They also have reptiles like iguanas and fowl, like swans.

5. Fort Myers Fishing Adventures – This is one of the top Fort Myers fishing charters that allows you to choose between deep sea fishing, back country fishing or right on the front lines. They offer daily trips that include half day, all day or even all night.

6. Adventures in Paradise – This is one of the Fort Myers attractions that allows you to tour the area by boat and spot all kinds of marine life, including manatee, sea otters and dolphins. You can stop along the shore line to collect rare shells and even choose a sunset tour.

7. Manatee World – Out of the number of Fort Myers attractions that feature wildlife, this one allows you to see them and only them, without having to share time with other species. The tour lasts about two hours and is very intimate. Only about 44 people are allowed per tour.