7 Best Haunted Hotels in New Orleans To Stay!

Haunted Hotels in New OrleansHaunted hotels in New Orleans are always sought after because of the history of this particular region. For years, visitors have flocked here to have an once-in-a-lifetime experience in the hopes of staying in a hotel that perhaps, has a resident ghost or two, which appears every so often.

The 7 best haunted hotels in New Orleans to stay are directly below, if you are lucky, you can book one of these during your next vacation.

1. Hotel Monteleone – This is one of the haunted hotels in New Orleans with 4 generations of haunted hotel history. The most well-known tale is one that tells the story of multiple ghosts meandering through the halls. Guests report sightings of previous employees, who still dutifully carry out their daily jobs. Those who stay on the 14th floor regale tales of a naughty little boy who searches for his late parents, who departed while he was still very young.

2. Audubon Cottages – This is one of the French Quarter hotels that date back to the 18th Century. The cottages all have very different stories, however, two in particular, have many guests reporting hearing voices of those who once stayed there. There are also reports of guests who would swear they felt something pulling or grabbing their feet during the night.

3. Hotel Provincial – This hotel is often included in New Orleans packages because of the exceptional ghost stories. In fact, this hotel has some of the oldest and most stirring, dating back to King Louis XV. Apparently, guests state that they have seen soldiers, wounded and wailing in pain. Some guest report seeing visual images at certain times of the day.

4. Lafitte Guest House – This guesthouse is one of the boutique hotels in New Orleans with chilling tales of floating objects, like tables and chairs. The ghost that is most prevalent here is one of a young girl who was the original owner’s daughter.

5. Bourbon Orleans Hotel – This is the perfect place to stay during the Mardi Gras Festival because of the location on Bourbon Street. In addition, this hotel plays specifically to the guest’s sense of smell. Most swear they can smell a distinct aroma of a cigar, which the ghost of an old man smokes while in the parlor. Talk about creepy.

6. Dauphine Orleans Hotel – This is one of the haunted hotels in New Orleans that has a story regarding ladies-of-the-evening. In fact, many guests report sightings of these women dancing around all parts of the property. Some are paired with military men, as this was at one time, a bordello were Confederate soldiers often frequented.

7. Le Pavillon Hotel – Of all of the hotels near Bourbon Street, this one actually has documented encounters. Experts have visited this hotel and caught several things on camera, including spectors, floating apparitions and speaking ghosts. Because of this, Le Pavillon Hotel remains one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.