7 Cool Things To Do In London For Teenagers

Cool Things To Do In LondonEntertaining teenagers on vacation isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but we think this list will help make that task a little easier. Consider taking your teen to these seven cool things to do in London.

  1. Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard – Turn what your teenager has learned in history class into a living lesson by taking the tour of the palace. One of the cool things to do in London can be both entertaining and educational. It’s a true event of showmanship when the guards march in formation and the well trained horses walk by standing tall. It is very impressive and entertaining for the entire family.
  2. London Eye – The entire family can ride on this Ferris wheel with over 30 rotating glass pods. Once you’re at the top, take a moment to point out the landmarks below that can be seen to your teens while you’re inside the glass pod.
  3. London Dungeon — This is as gruesome as it comes. London history recreated and turned into a scary fun house, equipped with live actors, shows, a 90 minute tour and a 5D ride. Older kids will enjoy the scary effects.
  4. Abbey Road Crossing – A safety hazard maybe, but a major tourist attraction all the same. It’s popular to try and recreate with a picture the Beetles album cover with a group of friends or family as they walk across Abbey Road.
  5. Jack The Ripper Tour – If you’re still in search of more cool things to do in London, this tour is aimed to please. Stay close to your guide as your group follows in the same footsteps as Jack the Ripper did back in 1888 as he went on a murderous rampage throughout Whitechapel killing 13 people.
  6. Thames River Cruise – This cruise offers stunning views on the city and riders can see the attractions and landmarks. The day time sailings are great things to do in London with kids.
  7. Inamo – Restaurant without waiters. What could be cooler than viewing your food on a projected image right on your table? Moreover, the menu is not less exciting and can satisfy virtually any waiter. Watch how your food is being prepped on the screen or play games while you wait.

These cool things to do in London are geared for your teenagers’ enjoyment while vacationing. More ideas can be found in are article Top 10 Fun Things to do in London.