7 Cool Things To Do In Miami At Night

Cool Things To Do In Miami At NightWhether it’s a Friday night or any other night of the week in Miami, there’s always something cool to do. Miami is known best for its refreshing beaches and electrifying nightlife. But Miami has more to offer than just the norm.

Our list runs downs some of the cool things to do in Miami after hours.

  • Nightclubs make the top of the list. Everyone knows, if you want to party hard and all night long, South Beach Miami is the place to be. Clubs typically stay open until 5a.m. and offer music in all genres. The concierge at your hotel will be able to direct you to the hottest place each night.
  • Miami By Night Flightseeing Tour – Ever thought about soaring over Biscayne Bay or the South Beach after dark? This is one of those extra fun things to do in Miami, perfect for date nights and special occasions.
  • Bayside Marketplace – Here, you can watch the boats come into the marina, shop along the waterfront and catch nightly outdoor shows from local live bands.
  • Champagne Sunset Cruise – If you are looking for one of the really interesting things to do in Miami at night, think about a private sailing around Miami Beach. Enjoy scenic views, tropical colors and the onset of city lights as the sun retreats for the day.
  • Art Deco District Photo Night Tour – This tour offers something completely out the box and is one of those cool things to do in Miami that you’ll tell all your friends about. The photography tour starts through South Beach and leads into the Art Deco District where participates learn to take nocturnal photos of the neon glazed buildings and structures.
  • Miami Festivals and Award Shows – Plentiful and too many to count. The City of Miami and Tourism Bureau keeps a calendar jam packed of city wide celebrations. The MTV Award Show, International Film Festival and Miami Fashion Week are just a few things to do in Miami Beach year round.
  • Night Fishing – If you have a sense of adventure and the other cool things to do in Miami didn’t quite move you, then drive over to Coconut Grove and charter a boat that offers night Sword-fishing. Talk about an adrenalin rush trying to land the big catch of the night.

There is no shortage of cool things to do in Miami day or night. Just a simple walk down Ocean Drive in South Beach will open up a wide variety of to activities to match any personality.