7 Facts About Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National ParkThe Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. Visitors can book tours that explore the volcano and surrounding areas. On these tours, you will trek over old volcanic fields from previous activity and vast forests that have developed over time. If you want to maximize Costa Rica vacations, visit this natural wonder and add an explosive time to your trip. This volcano not only is a beautiful natural wonder, but it has a rich history full of fun facts.

1. Eruptive Period began in 1968 – Currently, the Arenal volcano has been erupting since 1968 when three large craters broke free from the mountain. In September of 1968, one of the craters began emitting lava. This natural wonder is the youngest of all of the Costa Rica volcanoes.

2. The Arenal volcano produces energy for Costa Rica – Next to the eruptive natural wonder at the Arenal Volcano Natural Park is a human-enlarged lake that supplies more than 40% of Costa Rica’s hydroelectric supply. Its taps the natural winds and volcanic activity to produce this power.

3. Visit Arenal volcano through many Costa Rica all inclusive resorts – Many of the hotels in the Tamarindo and Limon area supply all-inclusive packages that include a visit and a tour of the Arenal volcanoes. Check with your hotel to book a package.

4. Extraordinary Eruptions – Usually, large eruptions occur every 3 to 4 years. But daily eruptions occur every few minutes. However, this time can vary, so be patient! During these eruptions, lava flows from either side of the mountain, cascading down and surrounding the area of the park.

5. Transportation is available – If you are worried about reliable and safe transportation, check with your travel agent or your hotel. The Arenal Volcano National Park is concerned for safety and they offer multiple ways to ensure precautions are taken when visiting the park. Park rangers will also not hesitate in evacuating the park at a moments notice if the volcano may possibly have a violent explosion.

6. Lodging near Volcano – There are four campsites that are close to the Arenal volcano. Since there are over 40 Arenal volcano hotels in various price ranges with multiple commodities, any visitor can stay as close as possible to the erupting volcano.

7. La Fortuna – The nearest town to the Arenal Volcano National Park is the town of La Fortuna. The Arenal volcano can be seen as the backdrop for this beautiful town filled with restaurants, hotels, and shopping. Also, San Jose is a mere two and a half hour drive.