7 Free Things To Do In Dublin You Shouldn’t Overlook

Free Things To Do In DublinDublin, Ireland is a city full of history and culture. Whether you have purchased many of the wonderful Ireland vacation packages available or are just planning to explore as you go there are many free things to do in Dublin.

To learn what are top free things to do in Dublin please see below.

1. Leinster House – This is the home of Irish Parliament and was originally built for the Duke of Lancaster in 1745. This building resembles a large townhouse and is truly a sight to see.

2. Howth Coastal Park – This is a great way to enjoy a nice hike and breathtaking views of the Irish landscape including Lambay Island. During this 2-3 hour hike, you will also get to visit Bailey Lighthouse as well as the Ben of Howth which is the burial home of the last of Irelands Giants.

3. North Bull Island – This is home to about 25,000 wading birds. Visitors may stroll through the nature reserve and bird sanctuary. This is a great chance see Ireland’s wildlife in their natural habitat. This is one of the best things to do in Dublin for kids as they are sure to love watching the animals and birds.

4. Custom House – This is one of the most popular things to do in Dublin, Ireland. This beautiful house was completed in 1791 and consists of pavilions, arcades, columns as well as a central dome. This is truly a sight to see!

5. Natural History Museum – Visitors will enjoy the many wonderful exhibits such as antique glass cabinets, skeletons of extinct giant deer and glass models of marine life.

6. Irish Jewish Museum – This unique museum depicts much of Ireland’s Jewish history dating back to 1232.

7. Irish Museum of Modern Art – Guests will have a chance to see original works by Yeats, Rembrandt and Durer to name a few.

By this compilation of free things to do in Dublin, it’s obvious that in addition to the exciting Dublin nightlife, there are many cultural and fun as well as free things to do in Dublin.