7 Harriman State Park Hiking Tips

Harriman State Park HikingHarriman State Park is located in New York State and is spread out over Rockland and Orange counties. At just under 47,000 acres it is the second largest state park in New York. Harriman State Park hiking is known as some of the best in the east coast and serves as a haven for many hikers because of its 200 miles of trails. Here are some Harriman State Park hiking tips:

1. Plan which trails before you venture out – Harriman State park hiking trails are virtually limitless so you’ll want to know which trails you’re going to hike beforehand.

2. Have good hiking shoes – There are over 40 marked hiking trails and almost 60 unmarked trails. The number one rule for hiking and backpacking trips is to have a good pair of shoes built for trail hiking. A good pair of hiking shoes will save your feet and last a long time.

3. Stay hydrated all along – Staying hydrated before and during your hike is critical. Drinking plenty of fluids before and on your hike will prevent dehydration. Depending on how long of a hike you go on you’ll want to pack at least 64 ounces of water.

4. Bring a map or GPS – Harriman State Park hiking trails span over 200 miles. It also borders the 5,000 acre Bear Mountain State Park, which many people combine the two and call it Harriman Bear Mountain State Park.

5. Make sure you’re in decent physical condition – Harriman State Park hiking trails can be as long as 20 miles in length. If you’re unsure about what kind of shape you’re in go get checked out by your doctor before hitting the trails.

6. Bring a swimsuit – Harriman State Park hiking trails are surrounded by 32 lakes and ponds that are great for swimming.

7. Bring a camera – You’ll want to bring a camera to capture some of the beautiful wildlife and scenery in this wonderful park.