7 Interesting Antwerp Belgium Facts

Antwerp Belgium FactsIf you are planning a trip to Belgium, make sure to learn more about interesting Antwerp Belgium facts since it’s one of the commonly visited cities in Belgium. Situated on the Scheldt River, this bustling Metropolis offers plenty of things to do and see for all sorts of visitors arriving here every year. Visitors can choose from many different museums and art galleries that the city is famous for, head to the Antwerp Belgium Diamond District or simply relax at a vast selection of restaurants, pubs and night clubs.

Here are some of the most interesting Antwerp Belgium facts:

1. The very first printed newspaper in the world was published in the good old Antwerp, Belgium almost 400 years ago.

2. According to widely known Antwerp Belgium facts, Antwerp is sometimes referred to as “The World’s Capital of Diamonds”. Approximately one square mile in the Diamond District is taken by diamond cutting workshops, diamond dealers, merchants and brokers. It’s been estimated that almost 80% of the Antwerp Jewish citizens are involved in a diamond trade.

3. Antwerp is home to world known Academy for Fine Arts, one of the oldest in Europe that attracts many art scholars from all over the globe. Royal Academy for Fine Arts is considered world’s largest trendsetter in many artistic branches like fashion, visual arts and even jewelry design.

4. Do you know how Antwerp got its name? According to interesting Antwerp Belgium facts or myths the city was once attacked by a giant Antigoon. His attack was stopped by a brave soldier Brabo in the most unusual way. Brabo cut off giant’s hand and tossed it into the River. Some believe that Antwerp from Flemish means “to throw a hand”. The statue of brave Brabo is proudly sitting right in front of the Town Hall in Antwerp.

5. “A Dog of Flanders” is a well-known novel about a boy and his dog that is unfolding in Antwerp Belgium written by a British author Marie de la Ramee in 1872. The story has a special place in the hearts of travelers coming to Antwerp who make it a point to visit the statue to a boy and his dog located in Hoboken, a suburb near Antwerp.

6. Antwerp is the best place to enjoy world’s famous Belgian waffles. Here they are sold by roadside vendors or by a plethora of restaurants, bars and pubs. These delicious waffles are topped by generous heaps of freshly whipped cream and fruit.

7. Located on the Wapper street in Antwerp, Belgium is a famous house Rubenshuis that was home to world’s renown artist Rubens where he was creating his masterpieces through 1640, the year he passed away. Visitors can tour around famous painter’s house and gardens.

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While visiting famous destinations in Belgium like Antwerp and Brussels, travelers often overlook a hidden gem of a town located within close proximity to them called Ghent, Belgium. Ghent is truly a world’s best kept secret destination that is worth discovering for all travelers.

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