7 Interesting Ayers Rock Facts

Ayers Rock FactsNestled in the heart of Kata Tjuta National Park and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayers Rock is on the top of the list of must see Australia landmarks. Showcasing some of the most amazing sandstone rock formation, the famous Rock is deeply steeped in the cultural traditions of the aboriginal people of Anangu who are proud to share their stories and beliefs of the sacred place. The National Park is also home to some of the most rare and endemic species of Australia, red kangaroo, marsupial mole, bush turkey, rock wallaby and many others. Unfortunately, due to increased tourism development and over 400,000 annual visitors, over 20 species species of endemic fauna became locally extinct. Efforts are made to reintroduce them to the Kata Tjuta National Park.

Please read the top 10 Ayers Rock facts below to learn why it’s one of the top places to visit in Australia for nature lovers.

1. One of the Ayers Rock facts is that the official name of the monument and the name the Aborigine have always used, is Uluru. Some theorize that this means waterhole, but that is not the case, and it is simply an aboriginal name for the location.

2. One of the most interesting Ayers Rock facts involves the color of the actual rock in this monument. The actual rock is gray, but the high amount of iron in the rock is oxidizing on the surface, and this is what causes the famous red color that this natural monument is known for.

3. More than half a million people visit the area or take Australia Outback tours which include stops at this well known attraction. Of all these people, only about ten percent will actually climb the formation and reach the top. The other ninety percent will enjoy the view from the ground level, and the sunsets here are spectacular.

4. According to other interesting Ayers Rock facts, it is situated almost exactly in the middle of Australia. It is owned by the Uluru Aboriginal tribe, and is one of the most well known attractions in the continent of Australia.

5. Alice Springs Resort is less than five hundred kilometers from the famous landmark. You can choose to make the trip on your own or you can take a bus or other transportation for hire. The trip by air only takes three quarters of an hour, and it is only a few hours by road.

6. The Aborigine legend has it that it was once an ocean, but after a great battle at its shores, it rose up and became a symbol of a blood shed in a heroic battle The actual fact is that, indeed, the Rock was part of world ocean hundreds of millions years ago and rose up when megalithic Earth was forming. It is one of the oldest rock formations in the entire continent of Australia.

7. Every major airport in Australia offers at least one flight to the National Park every day, and some offer numerous flights on a daily basis. Ayers Rock facts and stories have created an intense interest in this awe inspiring monument across the globe.