7 Interesting Catskill Mountain Facts

Catskill Mountain FactsThere are several Catskill Mountain facts to consider because the entire region is rich, with culture and with natural resources. Not only is this an excellent vacation destination, it is also home to more wildlife than anywhere in the State of NY and provides protection and refuge to a host of endangered animals.

7 Interesting Catskill Mountain facts are listed below:

1. The Catskill Mountains are excellent for hiking the Appalachian Trail and includes over 6000 square miles of pure, untouched nature. Since the area was too difficult to farm, during the 1800s the owners developed the land for tanning and lumber.

2. The Catskill Mountain Railroad, one of the first completed rail lines was finally finished in 1828. Today, this is a historical landmark.

3. By 1885, other Catskill Mountain facts became well-know because New York legislation began to look for ways to preserve this region. Currently, more than 300,000 acres are protected.

4. The Catskill Mountain house opened in 1824 and became the first official Catskill Mountain lodge. It is credited for bringing the tourist industry to the area.

5. There are more than 100 Catskill mountain resorts to select from. Each have their own special features and can provide you with excellent accommodations.

6. Another one of the most impressive Catskill Mountain facts involves the variety of natural wildlife, like black bears, snakes and the bald eagle. To date, over 2000 black bears call the Catskills home and the bald eagle, once threatened is now thriving.

7. The CM are home to the Catskill Mountain stone, distinctive and blue in color, this stone was used to create curbs along New York City. The Bluestone was also used in the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Your next trip to the CM can be one filled with history and appreciation for nature. The numbers of endangered animals living in this region is a testimony to the preserves and refuge the Catskill Mountains offer.

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