7 Interesting Facts about Akaka Falls

Akaka FallsAkaka Falls is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and stands at a height of 129 meters. This amazing waterfall is a coastal waterfall, which means it is extremely easy to get to by foot. It only requires a hike of less than a mile to reach your destination and along the way you are surrounded by bamboo leaves, wild orchids and ferns that drape ever so gently within the lush rainforest. The path is smoothly paved which adds to the ease of the hike. However, there are a few very important rules you must adhere to if you are planning on spending the day here.

Akaka Falls is actually not the only waterfall. It shares space with Kahuna Falls, which is the first you will encounter, but this waterfall although impressive, is nothing in comparison as far as height and grandeur. Kahuna Falls only measures 30 meters in height.

Below are 7 interesting facts about Akaka Falls:

1. Akaka Falls State Park is home to this famous waterfall and each year more than 1 million people come to spend the day admiring this beautiful landmark. As it plunges down the cliff, it ends into a gorge that was actually created by stream erosion, unlike many of the waterfalls in Hawaii that were carved out by volcanic activity.

2. People often confuse Rainbow Falls Hawaii with Akaka, although they are on two separate islands. Akaka is on the big island and Rainbow Falls is in Hilo. Additionally, Rainbow Falls is only 80 feet height, but the diameter which is 100 feet actually makes it look much bigger.

3. Akaka Falls is considered a plunging water fall as opposed to a cascading waterfall. Instead of descending down a sequence of rocks, it simply flows directly down and into a pool of water.

4. Although tranquil and inviting, you cannot camp at Akaka Falls and swimming is strictly prohibited. You also cannot ride a bicycle. You must go on foot and pack what you need. Upon leaving, you must pack out everything you brought and you cannot build an open fire.

5. Since the falls are just 3 miles from Honolulu, it is one of the more convenient places to visit in Hawaii for those who are not staying directly within the vicinity. You can reach the park and waterfall within 10 minutes of Honolulu. Anyone who is pressed for time, but still wants to get in a sightseeing experience can choose Akaka and also not spend one dime as access is free.

6. If you prefer to have a bird’s eye view of the falls, one of the more recent Big Island activities is the zipline. There are many tours that allow you to soar approximately 250 across as the waterfall passes directly below you.

7. If you prefer to spend your time at Akaka, not Kahuna, there is an entrance into the state park which is located south. This footpath allows you to bypass Kahuna and take you directly to Akaka. This route will land you directly in the path of Akaka no less than 20 minutes after arriving in the park.