7 Interesting Facts About Bodrum Castle

Bodrum CastleThe construction of the Bodrum Castle began in 1402. Today, the beautiful towers of the castle still rise over Southwest Turkey after years of reconstruction. This quaint port town of is home to the world wonders Bodrum has to offer. These interesting facts about the Bodrum Castle will help any traveler discover some of the secrets before they travel.

1. The Bodrum Castle is home to the Museum of Underground Archeology. The Turkish government transformed part of the castle grounds into this museum in 1962. Visiting this museum is a great way to check out the shipwrecks of the Aegean Sea.

2. While at the castle, you can see two reconstructed ships from over 935 years ago! Also, there are rooms devoted to a princess of the region and the jewelry worn by Turkish women. Beyond those discoveries, farther into the castle is an area that contains almost every tree and plant of the Mediterranean region.

3. Since the construction of the castle, the grounds have gone through many changes. From being used as a Turkish military base to a Turkish bathing house, this Bodrum Castle is full of many surprising landscapes. Every inch of the castle contains a small part of the history in the way that it has been left.

4. The Crystal Hotel Bodrum is a four star hotel in the town of Bodrum. Staying at this magnificent hotel is a great way to stay in comfort and visit the sites of Bodrum, including the Bodrum Castle. There is a convenient transport from the hotel to different sites around the town.

5. The first settlers in the town of Bodrum were in the 7th Century BC. This town has come a long way since then in modernizing the areas for travelers. You can visit the historical and beautiful region and stay in a plethora of Bodrum hotels while learning about the rich Turkish history that surrounds the castle and other sites. Most hotels offer packages that include tours and transport to these destinations.

6. Bodrum is a quaint port town, which means a Mediterranean climate can be found in this Turkish town. Visitors in the summer should be aware of very sunny conditions and humid air. Visiting the Bodrum Castle is best during the early morning hours or late afternoon.

7. Planning your trip to Bodrum is best if it is done early. Finding cheap flights to Bodrum will ensure that you have the finances to enjoy the other pleasures of Turkey. Book your flight a few months in advance and look for packages that include different tours!