7 Interesting Facts about Budapest Parliament Building

Budapest Parliament BuildingThe Budapest Parliament facts you may find interesting are probably those that are the least covered. Truth be told, many people are just not as familiar with Budapest Parliament building as they are with the UK Parliament building. However, the details are very startling and well worth sharing.

Here are 7 interesting facts about the Budapest Parliament building that most never heard of:

1. The Budapest Parliament building’s construction was completed as part of the independence of Hungary from Austria. To always have a standing monument to their independence, the Hungarians held a contest or competition for the architectural design.

2. Although the size of this building is massive, if you book a Budapest Parliament tour, it will only last about 45 minutes. The tour only covers a few areas such as the main stairs, one of the lobbies, one hallway, the House of the Lords and the section where the Hungarian Crown Jewels are stored.

3. Even though Budapest Parliament holds the Crown Jewels now, they were stolen or lost many times. They found protection in the U.S. among the gold reserves until 1978 when the president at the time, Jimmy Carter returned them.

4. Hungary travel guides advice visitors to book tours in advance. It can take hours to purchase them in person and the lines can contain literally hundreds of tourists if you travel during peak season.

5. Because they offer multiple language options, including German, English, Italian, Spanish and French, this tour is always one of the best things to do in Budapest without running into a language barrier. At least while you are here you don’t have to worry about finding someone who speaks your native language.

6. All Budapest hotels make arrangements for tourists to visit Parliament, however, prior notice is required and this policy is adhered to very strictly. They require you to provide the name of the hotel and the telephone number. You must contact them 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the tour you select or you will forfeit your tour.

7. There have been many changes from the original design over the years since its completion in 1904. The wars and conflicts and especially the fall of Communism played a major role in these changes. For example, at one time, there was a red star sitting on the very top, representing Communism, but in 1990 they had it removed. Makes sense as they now govern themselves.